Daily Devotional – 5/29/15 “He’ll answer!”

My devotional on this day last year was titled, “Don’t hang up,” and I could repost it; word for word here because it fits today. Yea, I mean it fits like a tailored made suit because just as I said last year; I’ve been telling you for the last few days about the benefits of calling on Jesus and in your calling, don’t get weary if it seems like Jesus isn’t answering; just hold on, don’t hang up! Yea, you might have some mess beeping in but don’t hang up, keep calling. Somebody from your past might show up and distract you from your waiting but don’t hang up, keep calling. The enemy may camp around you in the hopes of causing you to give up but don’t hang up, keep calling. Even in the midst of your calling you have to deal with a few storms, some hellish folk, some conniving friends and untrustworthy family members but don’t hang up; keep calling. I shared this last year but it still fits …While you’re calling you may be wallowing in your worries, partying in your pity, drowning in your depression, sinking in sin, bound by bankruptcy, maintaining misery, suffering in sickness, accepting addiction, being held by chains of your circumstance, jailed by judgment, neglected because of your name, guided by grief, cast out because you chose Christ, walked over because of God’s word, discarded because you’re devoted and made to feel guilty because you’re using your gift but don’t hang up! Hold on until Jesus answers but do it with faith that what you’re calling Him for is already on the way!

I get it; I may not understand your dilemma, I may not be in the predicament you’re in, I may not be in the same boat you’re sinking in or walking in your shoes but I know a man who knows a man who can answer if you don’t hang up because when He answers, thangs start happening. Go back and read the previous devotionals because I’ve shared what can happen but know this … When Jesus answers; He’ll turn the tears you’ve shed into your testimony. When Jesus answers, He’ll make the pacing you’ve done into your praise party. When Jesus answers, He’ll make the depression you’ve dealt with part of your dance. When Jesus answers, He’ll make that sickness a part of your sanctification. When Jesus answers, all the hell you’ve been through would have been part of His manifestation process to renew you into the person He needed you to be who is now more willing and able. You don’t have to trust me, just don’t hang up because at the name of Jesus even the demons obey, death behaves, sickness disappears, destinies are revealed, walls are destroyed and rebuilt, giants are defeated, marriages are saved, relationships helped, wandering children are bought home, prison doors are open and wretches like me are saved! Oh, don’t hang up in the midst of you calling on the name of Jesus; He’ll answer.

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