Daily Devotional – 5/26/15 “Be Thankful!”

I woke up this morning and I had to stop myself because I didn’t even take the time to tell God thank you. Even though I woke up in my own bed (it could have been a hospital bed), in my own home (it could have been a jail cell), in my right mind (you do know it can go wrong, don’t you) and with my family doing alright (I didn’t have any missed calls). I looked on the news and heard about the devastation in other cities from flooding and then I looked around and our city, although it’s not at its best, it’s still standing. I got prepared for work and thought about all the folk who are suffering for lack of a job, I could be in that number. I walked around my home and I thought about all the homeless people, it could be me. I got dressed and thought about all the folk who have to rely on someone else, it could be me. I didn’t have to wait on someone to bathe me, to clothe me or to feed me; God is worthy of my thanksgiving praise! I could be the one heading to the funeral home to make arrangements for my momma, I could be sitting beside the bed of a sick spouse, I could have been visiting my only son’s grave on yesterday, my only daughter could be strung out on drugs, one of my sisters could be going through chemo, one of my brothers could have been killed by gun violence, one of my cousins could be the face of another young male gunned down my police or one of my friends could be missing yet God has given us one more chance!

I could dwell on all the things I don’t have, the things I think I need more of or even things I want but baby when I start counting the things I have; I realize I am not missing anything! I could reside in my feelings on things I think could be better but when I take a look around and realize how things should be (based on my merit), everything looks great to me. See, God doesn’t have to bless me like He has because the truth of the matter is; if it was based on me, I’d still be an unwilling wretch wandering, weeping and wasting my worth yet God deemed me willing and He snatched me from the wilderness, wiped my tears, gave me wisdom and told me to go into the world and be a witness! That’s worthy of my thanksgiving praise. You too have worthiness that has been placed on the inside of you and because of that you should give God praise. Stop sitting on your thanks because regardless of what you are facing, God has made you strong enough to endure it. Stop saying what you can’t do, if you’ve never tried to do it. Stop saying where you can’t go if you’ve never tried to get there. Stop saying what you can’t accomplish, if you’ve never taken a step of getting it done. So, on this Tuesday, May 26, 2015; be thankful for whatever it is! Trials come to make us tougher for our testimony and blessings come to make us understand that God has not left us in the midst of our trials. Be thankful!

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