Daily Devotional – 5/15/15 “Where is your evidence?”

If you’ve been saved, you should be changed. If you’ve been converted, your change should be evident. If you’ve been baptized in the belief of God, the evidence should be in your living. Yet if your living isn’t proof that some change has taken place in your life, at some point, something is wrong! I mean, it’s like sending your car through a car wash but it still comes out covered in dirt. It’s like going through surgery but you’re still claiming sickness. It’s like going through rehab but you still want to be known by your addiction. It’s like being set free from your past but you still visit it every chance you get. Baby, it won’t work. Your change should be evident! It should be evident by your walk that you don’t do the same things you used to do. It should be evident by your talk that you don’t hang around the same folk you used too. It should be evident by the way you dress that you don’t go to the same places you used too. There should be some evidence to prove your case somewhere that you aren’t the same as you used to be.

How do I know that what you’re saying about your testimony is real if I have never seen you sick – prove your case? How do I know that God was the one that bought you out when I’ve never seen you praise Him – present your evidence and prove your case? How do I know that God did it for you if I’ve never seen you struggle – where’s your evidence? All I’m saying is … there has to be evidence! You won’t let anybody see your scars because you’re afraid of what they might say but baby that’s the evidence you need to let folk know that you tried God and He came through. You’re scared to tell folk about the nights you had to pace the floor but baby that’s the evidence of how you tried God and He made a way for you one more time! You won’t tell folk how you almost died in the midst of that abusive relationship but at the right time God snatched your dying soul from the pits of hell and now you’re in a loving relationship being treated like the queen you are but that’s evidence. You won’t share how the doctor said it was stage 4 cancer and you needed to make your final plans but the God you serve said it was only a stage to show His manifestation of healing and that’s your evidence. What are you hiding it for when it can prove your case? Show it, tell it; it’s your evidence and it proves that God will do exactly what He promises. You don’t have to be ashamed.

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