Daily Devotional – 5/12/15 “Your season change!”

Sometimes in our lives, people and things have to come to end and as Christians, we have to get to a point where we recognize when their season is up and are alright with it. There are seasons for relationships (not marriages), for jobs, for sickness, for that battle you’re fighting and even for the tears you’re shedding. There are seasons when things have to come to an end but you have to be willing to see the season change and then be willing to accept the change. Yes, I know you’ve been trying to make that relationship work but baby if you’ve yet to move past boyfriend and girlfriend status and it’s been over 10 years now and there are still trust issues; the season may be up. If you’ve been on that job giving them more dedication that you do your home life and they’ve passed you over for yet another promotion, the season may be up. I get it; that’s the church you grew up in, grandma is still a member there, everybody knows your name but if you aren’t growing spiritually; your season may be up. Beloved, stop thinking that you won’t get well; that sickness will end because it too has a season. My brother, you won’t always be down and out because what you are facing, it has a season and it’s coming to an end but you’ve got to hold on. My sister, your tears won’t always be tears of hurt and sorrow because they too have a season but you’ve got to increase your faith. Dear family who is grieving, grief too has a season and you won’t always feel the anger, bitterness and emptiness you feel now because it’ll be replaced with the memories and joy of your loved one who is now resting in peace but you’ve got to find the comfort in God through His word. Oh pastor; the negativity, pushback, no commitment and back biting you’re getting to the plans of your vision won’t always be there because those folk who mean you no good have a season which is coming to an end; wait it out.

You, whose faith is wavering in this battle, hold on because your battle has a season, it’s about to end. You, whose hope is dwindling down, push through because whatever has you burdened down, it has a season and it’s about to end. You who is depressed, your season is about to change. You who is without a job, car, house, or those of you who have all of these things and still struggling to make ends meet even though you’re working every day; hold on to your rope, your season is about to change but you’ve got to be willing to change with your season. How strong is your faith? How committed are you to God? How willing are you to walk into your new season? See, you can’t go into spring dressed for winter and you can’t go into winter dressed for summer. You have to be ready for your season change, are you? Will you notice when the change comes? For the bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Are you ready and prepared for your season change?

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