Daily Devotional – 5/4/15 “How’s your light?”

Here we are at the beginning of a new month, the fifth month of 2015; look around you’ve made it. A lot of people didn’t make it yet you’re one of the few who did. Isn’t that something? With your messy self, God spared your life. With your mean self, God allowed you to live. With your unforgiving self, He pardoned you. With your non-tithe paying, mouth always on the Pastor or the church self yet God allowed you to see another promised day. With your hand always out but never helping self, God still gave you another portion of health. With your gossiping self but here you are. And what are you doing with this new day you’ve been given? What are you doing with this new chance you’ve been granted? What are you doing with this fresh anointing you’ve been covered in? What are you doing with your life? Oh, I bet you got up with the same ole jacked up attitude you laid down with, didn’t you? You probably got up like the world owe you something, huh? Are you still toiling over that person who left you? Baby, they weren’t yours, stop allowing them to come and go when they please. Are you still depressed because that job laid you off? When are you going to stop wallowing in that pit long enough to see the blessing that God has for you? Still trying to get yourself together before you get back in church? You do know you can’t do it alone, don’t you? God is simply waiting on you to allow Him to do it.

All I am trying to get you to see is this … Time is passing you by and it’s moving swiftly! Either you get your life or you’ll still be singing the same song this time next year with no changes. Don’t you know, haven’t you heard; God isn’t pleased with the current state of His children. Youth are dying which mean parents are burying their children, men are sleeping with men and women are sleeping with women, church has become convenient when it’s actually necessary, we don’t study our bibles anymore because most of us don’t even carry them now (smart phones have replaced them) and if we aren’t studying that means our children aren’t being taught; we don’t sing songs that have real meaning and our devotion is to materialistic stuff and not our salvation and we idolize those who have passed on yet we don’t worship our God who is living – God isn’t pleased! We’ve got to get back to being about our Father’s business and that’s being disciples of His word. It is our duty as Saints of God to save the unsaved and we do this through teaching of His word, through our giving and through our living. This is why the bible says in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” The light this verse is talking about is God that is in you (us). God should be so in you (us) that it shines bright enough for everybody to see. Can they?

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