Daily Devotional – 4/29/15 “Don’t question your assignment!”

It’s amazing how things come full circle when you think back on them. On yesterday I spoke on memories and on today I revisited the devotional I did on this exact day two years ago and … MY GOD! Now, this won’t make sense to you if you are reading through your natural eyes so I need all my spiritual folk to go with me. See, the weeks leading up to my ordination into the ministry were mind-boggling crazy, to say the least. Not so much as me fighting the calling but just the fact of standing before a congregation of people and then a council of preachers being questioned (not in a bad way) about your calling, is nerve-wracking. And if you aren’t spiritually grounded the enemy will mess you up! But as I started to write my devotional today, I didn’t have a clue (like some days) on what to write so I started flipping back through and here’s how the devotional from 4/29/13 started, “I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what to write and nothing would come to mind. I asked God what He would have me to share with His people on today and still nothing. I saved 2 topics in my phone on yesterday but they didn’t even fit this morning. I thought about not doing a devotional today but even that didn’t fit so here I am wondering yet again. Wondering why someone like me would be an encourager to someone like you. How could I encourage someone? Why was I blessed with this gift but then one of the scriptures I jotted down yesterday came into my thoughts which says in Romans 9:20, “But who are you, a human being, to talk back to God? Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, ‘Why did you make me like this?’” Ok God, you got me there. Oh but hold up because God wasn’t finished getting me back in line because Romans 9:21 says, “Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for special purposes and some for common use?”” – Do you see my point?

Who do we think we are to question our assignment or the assignment giver? You may not like what you have to do, so what! Do you think every person who has a job to do love it every day of the week, there is some bad days promised? However, you have an assignment, do it! Yea, I get it, there are some things happening in your life that have caused you to be angry but deal with them and get over it. Sickness has crept in and chemo has taken your hair but it’ll grow back and if not; rock your bald head. Death showed up and took your loved one but baby grieve for them yet also celebrate in knowing that to be absent from this side means to be present with the Lord. The job laid you off; God has something greater in store. Spouse walked off; God has something greater – open the door! My point is this; God never gives us an assignment He hasn’t already equipped us to handle. If we are failing at it, it may be because we haven’t been taking notes during His discussions; studying during His study groups or asking questions when we need too. God is the potter and He made us in His image and likeness and He has destined us for greatness. Yes, we go through hell that causes our clay pots to get damaged in the process but our potter has the ability to make us over – that great news! We don’t have to question our assignment and we surely don’t have to question our assignment maker because He got His part covered and if we are under His covering, we are covered too!

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