Daily Devotional – 4/20/15 “The enemy is real!”

It’s Monday again, 20 days into April which means this month is almost gone so instead of sighing over the fact that the weekend went by too fast you ought to be giving the enemy a reason to fear you getting up! Yea, you ought to make it your business to make him mad every time your feet hit the floor. Make it your mission to give him anxiety over the fact that you ain’t dead yet. Oh, you ought to have him regretting that he didn’t kill you when he had you in the world. You should be dancing to demonstrate to him that depression didn’t drain you of your destiny! You should be shouting to show him that your sickness was a sign of your sanctification not suffering! And you ought to be living to show him that your labor is leading you to everlasting life and not death! You should be living to make the devil mad!

Baby, don’t you get it? The enemy doesn’t sleep! This is why 1 Peter 5:8 says, “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” This is why when you’ve overcame the hell he tried to put you through, you should be praising God every chance you get. When you’ve made it out of the pit alive, without a scar, a bruise and with your right mind; you ought to be acting a straight fool for God every chance you get! When you’ve made it out of the valley and you got everything back you lost going in; you ought to act like you are stone crazy with praise at every opportunity! You should get up and the enemy should cringe! You should be so much of a threat to the enemy that when you lay down, he’s telling God thank you for giving you rest! If our praise to God was evident in our living, in our praise, in our thanksgiving, in our forgiving, in our giving and in our loving; we wouldn’t have as many hellish Christians! The enemy is real and he’s coming for more of God’s people. Don’t let it be you! As a matter of fact, stop allowing it to be you!

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