Daily Devotional – 4/10/15 “Chief Executive!”

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about for the last hour. I mean, what can I possibly say to you that I haven’t said before? I thought about telling you to be mindful of the words you speak because they can come to pass but you know that. I thought about telling you to be careful of the bed you lie in because you may just get comfortable there but you know that too, don’t you? So, what can I possibly share with you? Then I thought about something that I’ve been hearing lately; that employees don’t like to be micro-managed, some don’t like their jobs or boss and etc., yet here we are with the best boss you could ever ask for and we rarely recognize Him. Yea, He doesn’t stand over us to make sure we do our job, He simply gives us our requirements yet we still get a perfect performance review even though we might make a few mistakes. He doesn’t mind when we call in sick or take a few extra vacation days because He never deducts it from our pay. He doesn’t have to look at our resume to see if we are qualified for the job, He simply trains us for it in the field and then promotes us when the time comes. He doesn’t go by seniority because He says the last shall be first. He even gives us employee retreats. Yea, He allows us to get together with each other; it’s called Sunday morning fellowship yet many of us take that for granted.

Yet, we don’t celebrate Him on Bosses Day but we call on Him the most. It’s Him we call on when we call in on those sick days, when our check is short and the bills are still due, when vacation time has run out but you still want to vacation, when that promotion is up and you want it to have your name on it, when you have that boss from hell and you don’t know what to do and when your co-workers are the enemy’s workers and your prayers can’t seem to fix it. Why don’t we appreciate the Chief Executive over our lives? All He asks is that we give Him praise, thanksgiving, a mere 10% of our getting and to do what is right. Why is that so hard? Even when we make mistakes, God allows us to repent and He forgives us. He doesn’t gives us points when we are late, make marks against our personal record when we make a mistake or write us up when things happen; He gives us another chance. When will we give Him one? When will we start appreciating the overseer of our lives? I shared Psalm 50:13 yesterday that say, “Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God, and keep the vows you made to the Most High.” Because when you offer up thankfulness to the CE of our lives, Psalm 50:14 says, “Then call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.” So you see, showing gratitude to the CE of our lives, God; pays off. Wouldn’t you agree?

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