Daily Devotional – 4/7/15 “Don’t believe me, just watch!”

There are people camped around you who are waiting on you to fail – that’s alright. There are people in your family who don’t believe you will amount to anything – that’s alright. There are people who come to cheer you on and then leave speak negatively about you – that’s alright too. Get this … you don’t have to tell them nothing, you don’t have to demonstrate to them your destiny, pronounce to them your purpose, visualize your vision or even convince them of your conviction just tell them “don’t believe me, just watch!” You know how you try to make someone believe that something works and the more you tell them, the less they believe until you say, “don’t believe me, just watch?” Well, this spiritual walk is the same way. See, there are folk who don’t believe you should be blessed like you are and they are saying it isn’t going to work but baby, if you serve the God I serve; tell them, don’t believe me just watch! There are folk who are saying, how can somebody like you, who used to sell drugs now preach the word of God, it won’t last but when you come before a God like the one I serve tell them, don’t believe me, just watch. Folk gossiping saying, how can somebody like her who used to shut the clubs down on Saturday night now be the youth director of a church, it’s all a show but when you answer the call of a God like the one I serve, you can proudly proclaim; don’t believe me, just watch! Statistics said because I was raised in the projects of North Memphis; I should have been a teenage mother with multiple baby daddies, high school dropout, living in the same area I was raised in, living on government assistance, could have been strung out on drugs by now – BUT GOD! Statistics says I could have cancer being that my momma has 4 girls – BUT GOD! Some folk said because of the color of my skin, I’d never amount to anything but I keep saying, “don’t believe in me, just watch!”

I don’t have to tell you everything that I’ve been through but let me tell you this … God is an awesome God, don’t believe me just watch. He took a regular nobody who was me and He uses me daily to bless folk; you can be used too. Don’t believe me, just watch! You don’t have to wait on anybody to validate you, God has already done that, God is continually doing it! Don’t believe, just watch. You got up this morning, didn’t you? That’s validation. You were in your right mind. That’s validation. You had what you needed, even if you didn’t think it was enough. That’s validation. You had the means and the opportunity to get more of what you need and want. That’s validation. So, you see what I mean? God is doing in this season y’all … Don’t believe me, just watch! If you need a witness, watch me. I’m a living witness. Believe in yourself enough for it to be enough and then sing, “Don’t believe me, just watch!!” You can be whatever you set your mind to be. If that’s not enough, remix – “Don’t believe in me, just watch!” It works too!

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