Daily Devotional – 4/2/15 “Make up your mind!”

It’s April 2 and some of y’all are still playing the fool. You still think you can’t get caught up in the game you’re playing but guess what, you already have. Beloved listen, the enemy wants you to believe he’s blessing you for free but he’s not; you’re paying the cost. Keep playing the fool. Yea, I get it; you are no longer being attacked by the enemy, well that’s because he no longer needs to chase what belongs to him; he has you now. I know, he allows you to go to church every now and then but that’s only so you can corrupt the folks that’s there. You don’t go for the message, only to pass mess. You’re not going to pray, you’re going to prey. You’re not going to get God’s grace, you’re going to gossip. You’re not even going to get the biblical text because all you do is text the entire time. It’s really a shame though. Yea, it’s really a shame when the bible says all we have to do is submit ourselves to the Lord and resist the enemy and he will flee (James 4:7). Yet, here comes the enemy dangling stuff in your face and you go running like a dog chasing a bone and there he stands laughing. (Please understand I’m not innocent in this because I make mistakes too but we’ve got to do better.)

The enemy’s job is to keep us off course. It’s his responsibility to bless us so that we think we don’t need God. It’s the enemy’s main goal to get us on his side but he can’t do that without our help. See, the enemy is a spirit that can’t move without being attached to something and he will use your weakness to attack you. What is your spirit attracting? Don’t you know the enemy will use your heart’s desire to depress you, your thoughts to tempt you, your children to convict you, your mess to minimize you, your sickness to turn you to suicide, your anger to alcoholism and your doubt to drug addiction? That no good, lying, conniving, good for nothing enemy will even have you thinking that God has forgotten about you, wants nothing to do with you, doesn’t love you anymore, can’t stand a sinner like you when you know good and well that’s the furthest from the truth but he’ll do it. All it’ll take is a lonely night and some late night thoughts and you’ll forget that Deuteronomy 31:8 says “Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.” Look, when all the hell simmers away and the smoke clears; the enemy won’t stop doing his job; it’s his job but when will you stop falling for his tricks? When will you get up out of that ditch of despair, that gully of gloom, that waterhole of woe or that manhole of mess? When will you stop being a contract worker for the enemy when you can be a free agent for the Lord?

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