Daily Devotional – 3/26/15 “Stop hiding!”

Falling doesn’t take away your favor any more than standing makes you saved! I don’t know who this is for but baby get up, stop being ashamed! I don’t know what all you’ve done but get up, stop hiding! I don’t know all the sins you’ve committed but you don’t know all of mine either so get up, quit being embarrassed by what you used to do. I don’t know all the crap you had to go through to get to where you are and if you don’t feel like sharing your story, that’s fine but stop hiding. Stop being ashamed of the hell you’ve made it through. Stop being scared to show the scars that now allows you to remember when you wrestled with hell and came out victorious. Stop being afraid to shout you are no longer what you used to be. Who cares about those folk who are saying you are your mother’s child and you’ll probably end up like her – they obviously don’t know your father God. Don’t give too much thought to the naysayers who say you’ll end up like the rest of the folk who look like you – they couldn’t have seen the track record of the one who designed your destiny. Don’t pay much attention to the folk on the sideline who are beckoning for you to quit, they gave up a long time ago – they had no idea your purpose is up ahead.

Yea, it gets hard and some days giving up look easy. Yea, it gets harder and some days giving up look easier. Yea, it gets it’s hardest and some days giving up look easiest but don’t pay it no mind. That’s simply the enemy playing tricks on you but hold on in there. That ole enemy will make it seem like nothing you do is right but he’s a lie and the truth is nowhere in him. God has made you brand new, act like it and stop hiding. You no longer have to be ashamed of what or who you used to be. If God no longer counts it against you, man shouldn’t either; stop allowing them too. Grandma says, it’s not about what folk call you, it’s what you answer too. When you stop allowing folk to call you what you’re no longer associated with, they’ll get the memo that you’re no longer that person. If your nickname associates you with mess, stop using it and if folk can’t get with the change, change them! It’s time out for childish things and time in for kingdom business. We either work for God or we don’t, there are no in between. And when you make the decision, do it and stop hiding. You can’t be ashamed to serve God because He surely isn’t ashamed of us! Yes, you will make a mistake; a few in your lifetime but get up and repent; don’t hold your head down in shame.

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