Daily Devotional – 3/19/15 “God is always there!”

I’m not at my computer today but I just wanted to stop through for just a moment and share this with you …

In spite of the situation you’re facing…
God is still God
God is still good
God is still there

I know that it’s been taught that God will show up and when He shows up, it’ll be on time but if I look at my records, take inventory of my life and think back on some of the things I’ve been through; I’ve come to the realization that God has never left me! What am I saying? Yes, God will show up in our situations and it’ll be on time but the fact of the matter is this… He’s been there all the time, you’re just noticing Him clearer when you’re at you’re lowest point because that’s usually when you’re praise is at its highest!

When God is worthy of being praised at ALL time because He’s always there! You don’t have to believe me. Try Him, you’ll see. Call Him, He’ll answer. Seek Him, you’ll find Him! He’s always there!

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