Daily Devotional – 3/11/15 “When will you get up?”

How long are you going to wait for your miracle to come to you? I know the bible said that your husband would find you but you don’t think he’ll knock on your door, do you? Oh, you think that career you want is going to pull your name from heaven? That degree you’ve been getting ready to start, it’s going to come and get you too; right? What are you waiting on? When will you get up and do something? You’ve been painting that room for two years and it still ain’t done. You’ve been fixing that car for months and it’s still parked on the side of the street. You’ve been going to the doctor for weeks yet you’re waiting and still feel like crap. You’ve been getting yourself right to go back to church for 27 years and still ain’t made it yet. What are you waiting on? Oh, you waiting on time – it waits for no man. Oh, it’s folk – they’ll kill your dreams, spirit and then walk off and leave you when you’re down. Oh, you’re waiting until you change – that’ll never happen when you’re trying to change yourself, you can’t do it on your own. Oh, you’re waiting until the time is right – time will never be right! You’re waiting until your spouse change – keep waiting and they may never change because you can’t change folk. When will you get up?

In my studying on last night, God told Abraham (he was Abram at the time) to go to an unknown land and there He would bless him. Now, Abraham didn’t have a clue what waited for him there but he had faith enough to take God at His word and he got up! And because Abraham got up and went, not only was he blessed but God gave him a covenant that he would be blessed and all his descendants. I don’t have to run down the bible telling you the many folk who were blessed because of them getting up, you should know them but my question to you is this … What are you doing? What are you sitting on? What business plan is being pushed to the back burner? What gift is being stored until next year (that you might not see)? What purpose is not being used? What destiny is not being fulfilled? What calling is not being answered? What dream is being buried? What shout is being stifled? What praise is being pushed down? When will you get up? God gives us chance after chance, when will we take it? When will we get up?

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