Daily Devotional – 2/27/15 “God is there!”

Somebody woke up on this Friday feeling like a failure, wiping tears of woe, holding their chest because the enemy has been walking through your dreams, overwhelmed by your burdens and heavy laden by your hurts because fear got you thinking that God isn’t hearing your prayers. Yea, you’re thinking that you’re in this thang alone, that God couldn’t possibly hear your voice from the valley you’re in, He wouldn’t dispatch angels to come to save you one more time, that He wouldn’t knock the dust off of you this time after pulling you out of that pit or even that He wouldn’t forgive for backsliding to the place you said you’d never go again … oh but … Baby, God is only allowing you to dwell in your dark place so that you can practice your war cry. (I can’t hear you!) God is only allowing you to wander in the wilderness so that you can get used to the space you’ll have when He enlarges your territory. (Are you walking?) God is only allowing you to see what the bottom looks like so that you’ll never want to go back there. (Have you seen enough?) God allowed you to go into the pit because couldn’t nobody else go with you in order for you to get used to going by yourself sometime. (That’s what it’ll feel like when folk walk off, you ready now?)

Beloved, God hasn’t left you; He may be quiet but He hasn’t left, keep walking. Haven’t you noticed that when you use your GPS to get to an unknown destination, it’s quiet unless you veer off course; God is the same way. As long as you’re doing what you need to do; keep walking, keep praying and add fasting; God will be there as your guide. Stop allowing the enemy, the naysayers, the sideline hecklers, the unholy and even those that act like they are Holier than thou to have you second guessing your place. God is right there for you and He’ll be there each and every time!

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