Daily Devotional – 2/24/15 “Is your change evident?”

There’s this old gospel song titled, New Life that says, “I’ve moved from my old house and I’ve moved from my old friends and I’ve moved from my old way of life; thank God I moved out, to a brand new life!” (I know you’re singing it!) The second verse says, “He changed my old way with words, He changed my old narrow mind and He changed my heart and gave me a new start. Thank God I moved out to a brand new life.” Then the chorus says, “Can’t you see I’m a new man, don’t you know I’ve got a new name and one day I’ll live in a brand new land? Thank God I’ve moved out to a brand new life.” Baby, that’ll preach … if we, as Saints of God, could honestly say the lyrics of this song. But the reality of today is; folks can hardly tell the difference between the just and the unjust; the saved and the unsaved. Be honest, can folk see the change in you? Is it evident in your walk, your talk, in the way you live and in how you give? Are you approachable by someone unsaved? Could that mouth of yours save someone unsaved or could your hands help someone in need? I know you’ve been a baptized believer since you were 13 but what have you done lately to further the kingdom of God?

Now, get this … In order to change, you have to first change your way of thinking. Yea, it doesn’t make sense to change your shoes if you still like to play in mud. It makes no sense to say you don’t smoke any more yet you’re still in the midst of smokers or you quit drinking but you’re the bartender. You can’t say you’ve stop cheating when you’re still accepting his or her calls or text. Change your thinking and then, if need be; change your friends. Yea, I get it; they’ve been with you, your ride or die but if they can’t get with the change you’ve made, change them! At some point, you’ve got to get in the race and off the sideline, one of these days you’ve got to put the plan into action, and soon you’ll have to turn the close sign around to open and be about the change! When will you (we)? God needs folk on His side who are willing to work for Him. Haven’t you seen the news? Folk need saving y’all and they aren’t making it to church, we’ve got to get into the streets, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Too many children are dying without knowing God because their parents are living without knowing Him. This has got to change. We’ve got to change. We’ve got to be saved every day of the week and not just Sunday in order for us to make it to the new life. Is your change evident?

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