Daily Devotional – 2/20/15 “Be careful who you invite!”

Let me say this or shall I say, let me type this for someone who has yet to get this in their spirit … Stop trying to take everybody with you! Some folk aren’t meant to go where you are going, period! I get it, you want to invite everybody to the celebration but baby haven’t you peeped out the fact that not everybody is celebrating with you? Yea, you want to snap a picture with everybody in attendance but not everybody is wearing a smile. Don’t get it twisted; some of those folk just came for the free food and gift bag. This is why you have to be careful who you invite. Listen beloved, God is trying to take you somewhere and you are too busy trying to take the entire crew; it ain’t their time yet. You can’t get all of what God has for you because you keep pinching off of it giving it to others, it ain’t their time yet. You’re scared to even step off of the elevator to your elevation because there is one somebody in the crew who is still having doubts and now you’ve allowed the door to shut, again because you’ve got to pacify them again; it ain’t their time. This is why you have to be careful who you invite.

Please understand, I am not saying you can’t help folk but there is a time and a place. However, I am saying this … Be careful who you invite. All I am saying is, if you know Uncle Low Down is the one to ruin every party, why are you still inviting him to all the parties? Why is doubt the DJ at your dance? Why does pity have an invitation to your praise? Why is there jacked up junk jiggling with your joy? Why is rage RSVP’ing to your rejoicing? Why is fear catering the food and guilt mingling with guests? Don’t you have a say so at all who is on the invitation list? Isn’t this supposed to be a praise party? Aren’t you ready to get your elevation? Aren’t you tired of playing with this thang yet? You need to let go of some people, places and some things and watch how your life change. Everybody isn’t ready to celebrate with you, that’s ok; but you’ve got to prepare yourself for that. You’ve got to know who is for you and who is against you but you will only know that by getting yourself right. You test the spirit by the spirit. That’s bible. Be careful who you invite, some aren’t ready for the change in you and some just shouldn’t be there!

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