Daily Devotional – 2/18/15 “Be careful who you listen too!”

You have to be mindful of whom you hook up with and you also have to be mindful of whom you’re listening to. I mean, how can you allow yourself to be thrown off track by someone shouting from the sideline? How can you allow someone to defer your dreams when they’ve yet to create their vision? How can you allow someone to sidetrack you when they haven’t bothered to step on their own path to walk? How can you allow them to determine your value when they can’t tell you their worth? How can they tell you how to master your craft when they aren’t a master at it? You need to be careful who you listen to? It’s like me listening to the ear doctor about my heart or the eye doctor about my teeth or get this … the enemy about my God! It doesn’t make sense.

Woman, how are you listening to someone who has been divorced six times tell you how to keep your marriage? Man, how are you listening to your friend who can’t keep a woman tell you how to find a wife? How are you listening to someone who only goes to church on holidays tell you how to pray? How can you listen to someone tell you how to get over if you’ve yet to see them struggle? Be careful who you listen too? Yea, Pastor can sho whoop on Sunday but is there any sustenance in his message? Deacon can pray you under the pew but can that prayer get past the ceiling? Momma and Daddy may tell you but are they right? Stop listening to folk because you like what they say because you ought to be at a point now where you should want the truth and if they are your true friends they’d tell you for the bible say in Ephesians 4:25, “So stop telling lies. Let us tell our neighbors the truth, for we are all parts of the same body.” All I am saying is, it’s not only important about who you are hooked up with and attached too but it’s as equally important for who you are listening too. Folk will have you driving off the cliff because you’re too busy listening to their voice and not your GPS. Be careful who you’re listening too, their voice may sound good but turning up their volume ain’t worth it!

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