Daily Devotional – 2/12/15 “Kingdom Broadcast System!”

I sometimes wonder if we, as Saints of God, would stop and listen if God would interrupt our day-to-day activities with one of those messages that say, “This is a test of the Kingdom Broadcast System!” Yea, I just wonder if we would turn down for a moment to see what He was saying when He would interrupt the music playing on the radio with “This is a test of the Kingdom Broadcast System!” Oh, I wonder if we’d be mad when He interrupts Scandal or Empire with a message from the “Kingdom Broadcast System” that couldn’t wait until a commercial. I wonder if we’d sit long enough to listen to the entire message without trying to mute the television or turning down the volume of the radio. I’m just using my spiritual imagination for a moment and playing in my mind if God would interrupt us for a moment, if we would listen. I mean, does God have to really lay us on our backs to get us to see Him? Does God have to stop us in the middle of traffic facing a car that should have hit us head on to know that He is real? Does God have to heal us in order for us to know that He is indeed the healer grandma speaks of? Why does God have to prove His trust when it’s never been broken? Why can’t we take Him at His word, first?

Isn’t it something that you’ll trust the tax man who promises to get you back thousands and you just met Him but you won’t trust the man who stepped out of nowhere and created the Earth? You’ll trust the woman you met on Facebook yesterday because she had a cute profile picture with your entire life but you won’t trust the man who gave you life and all He asks for is your heart. We will trust a chair with 3 bad legs but not the master who holds all power in the palm of His hand. I’m just thinking out loud; wondering if we’ll listen, wondering if we’ll see the blinking light of the message or wondering if we’ll turn the volume up before it’s too late. Will we? Will you? This is a test of the Kingdom Broadcast System … are you within range to hear the message of the master?

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