Daily Devotional – 2/6/15 “Where is your fire?”

It’s Friday and someone’s face is full of tears because you’re fearful of failing yet again or you’ve fallen into the enemy’s trap of familiar faults and you can’t figure out how to fight your way loose but don’t fret! All you need to do is rekindle the fire that is on the inside of you and it’ll burn all of that negative stuff up! Yea! See, I sometimes watch my nephew who is 5 years old who loves church. Now, while all the other children are outside playing, he’s over in an area with a makeshift pulpit, his bible and something he has made into a microphone and he’s preaching. (You don’t have to believe me, check out some videos on my Facebook page). He’s only 5 but he has a fire in his spirit already that allows him to believe and know God for himself. He can’t read the bible but he has it open in front of him because it’s what he sees. He doesn’t need an audience because usually he is in a room to himself and most time he will do it for hours. Yea, he’ll preach himself happy because he has that fire in his spirit that won’t allow him to do anything else but what he knows. He doesn’t care about anything else around him. Why can’t we as adults have that kind of fire in our spirit? That kind of fire that makes us want to fight instead of folding under the pressure of the enemy. That kind of fire that makes us want to be finishers instead of fakers. That kind of fire that makes us want to be forgivers instead of being forsaken and the kind of fire that takes us from being followers to frontrunners.

Where is your fire? Where is your fire to fight? Where is your fire to get up? Where is your fire to tighten up your boot straps and walk on? Where is your fire to shake off the dust and try again? Where is your fire to not care what folk say about you? Where is our fire to not mind the names folk call you? Where is your fire to go even when you don’t feel like it? Where is your fire to keep on even after God has said no, the door has been closed, application denied, car quit, job cut your hours, bills behind, death angel showed up at your home, spouse acting strange, children cutting up sideways and then the doctor looking at you funny? Where is your fire? Luke 3:16 says we are baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire, where is it? Oh, it’s probably buried under all the mess, anger and bitterness that’s on the inside of you, right? Well, may I suggest a Spirit cleaning to rekindle the fire that will help you get out of that pit of gloom? It’s there; it just needs to be reignited! Will it before it’s too late? Where is your fire?

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