Daily Devotional – 1/5/15 “How do you know?”

It’s the first Monday of the New Year, have you kept any of the resolutions you made or have they passed in the night like the rain? Oh, you thought this was your year too, huh? Well, I got some news for you and I need you to read the next line very carefully, it is but you’ve got to get up! It’s like this … You can’t keep working on the plan because now it’s time for you to put the plan into action. You can’t keep working on your marriage, now it’s time to stop working and start doing something to keep it working. It’s time for you stop working on the building and open it up for business. Aren’t you done writing the vision yet? When will the vision gain some merit? I mean, when are you going to stop working on the car and actually put some wheels on it to drive? How will a mechanic know if the works he’s done is complete if he doesn’t test drive the car? How can the air condition man know if the air conditioner works, if he doesn’t turn it on? How can the plumber know if the toilet works if he doesn’t flush?

Oh Saint of God, how do you know if your faith in God works if you never put it into action? How do you know if prayer works if you never use it? How do you know that God can heal, if you’ve never asked Him to heal you? Yea, I know you heard me say He healed me but don’t you want to try Him? How do you know what’s on the other side of the door if you won’t knock to open it? How do you know what will be on the other side of your storm if you won’t go through? How do you know what you can handle if you won’t handle anything? How do you know what you can stand if you keep sitting down? Don’t you want to know what victory feels like? Somebody is on the edge of giving up but baby, it ain’t your time yet. Step back! It isn’t time for you to give up. I’m praying for you. I don’t have to call your name, know your situation, be in the same room or even in the same state yet I’m praying for you; it ain’t time for you to give up! You’re fighting against God because your house isn’t together and you think it is but it isn’t. And all He’s doing is waiting for you to give it to Him but it has to be done at His house! It’s not your time to give up or give in. How do you know what you’re capable of, if you never tried it?

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