Daily Devotional – 12/31/14 “It’s almost that time!”

It’s almost that time! Yep, it’s almost that time for you to turn up, for you to bring in the New Year but while you are turning up, don’t turn out to be the next statistic. While you are turning up, don’t turn down the wrong street heading to hell. While you are turning up, don’t turn into somebody you aren’t and end up being lost in your sin. While you are turning up, don’t turn your back on God. While you are turning up tonight, don’t forget about tomorrow. While you are turning up, don’t forget about the resolutions, you know the things you said you were going to work on. Please understand what I am saying, there isn’t anything wrong with having a good time but have a good time that you can remember tomorrow. I am not saying you have to be in the church but wherever you decide to be, just be safe! That’s my only prayer.

If God sees fit, in a few hours we will see the start of a New Year. He will have given us another chance to try it again, another opportunity to meet our goals and more time to get it right; will we take it? Yea, sure; we may not have accomplished everything we set out for in 2014 but get this, you aren’t dead yet so you have another chance to get it done. Ok, you’ve dealt with more than your fair share of stuff in 2014, get this… you may have to deal with a little more in 2015 but you’ll be stronger and ready for it because of what you’ve gone through in this year. Get ready for it. Oh, the death angel showed up in your family and took a few links in your chain? Don’t worry, I know a Man who is able to bend metal. It won’t stop the ache you feel but it’ll give you something to hold on too. His name is Jesus. Baby, if this year was great for you or even if it wasn’t; 2015 can be even greater but it’s dependent on your attitude, your service and your faith! Why don’t you turn those up? Turn up your attitude towards acknowledging God, your service towards serving and your faith towards being faithful and see the change in 2015 in your life? It’s almost that time, don’t be late!

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