Daily Devotional – 12/5/14 “It ain’t about us!”

Every day I pray for God to use me. Every day I pray that when folk look at me, they see the light of God shining through me. Yes, I have flaws in this fleshly body, I’m human but every day I pray that more and more of it dies so that I can walk into the destiny that God has set for me. If I lose friends along the way, ok. If I lose family along the way, ok. My goal is to save somebody who has yet to find God. See, this morning I was minding my own business when I walked into the break room to make some tea but standing in there was a coworker talking on the phone. Now, we work on the same floor but different groups. She can never get my name right but that’s alright, it’s not about what you call me, it’s what I answer too. But anyway, when she got off the phone she started talking to me about a man she met recently and when she met him he wasn’t stable but he got his own place now and she has helped him with some things for it but folk was telling her to leave him alone because he was using her (folk always talking) so she told him that she was thinking about calling it quits. Get this … When she told him this, he told her that if she did, he would possibly commit suicide. Quite possibly this upset her. See, she has been through some things. A lot of things that could have easily taken her out but the way her faith is set up, God won’t let her quit. But I had to stop her and tell her that sometimes God put us in folk lives in order to build them up. It ain’t even about us.

Yea, I didn’t care that folk was coming in the break room because God was using me. See, I had to remind her that what he said, at that moment, wasn’t about her; his spirit was broken then and it needed mending. This is why you have to be careful who you surround yourself with. When she called him this morning, she simply called to tell him she loved him and he told her he didn’t mean what he said the other day. This journey is hard y’all and if we don’t stay prayed up, praised down and knee bent we will get caught up! The enemy is ALWAYS seeking to destroy us. Don’t you get it? Even the strongest person gets weak sometimes. Even the encourager needs encouragement sometimes. Even the one praying need prayer sometimes and even the preacher need to get preached too sometimes. This is why you have to surround yourself with folk who know the Lord, whose spirit is right and who can get a prayer through when you can’t. This is why you have to know that the work you’re doing, this kingdom business; it’s not about you and me. It’s about the God in us manifesting through us to save those who are yet lost through us. It ain’t about us, it’s about the work we are sent to do!

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