Daily Devotional – 12/4/14 “A Thursday prayer”

Our Father which art in Heaven; holy is thy name as your will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Father, as I come petitioning your throne, I’ve got to first thank you. Thank you for the protection you provided for me, my family and my home from the dangers lurking outside. Father, even when I was too tired to kneel to say my prayers you gave me peaceful rest. With a new day’s dawn, you gave me breath in my body, sight in my eyes, movement in my arms and legs, thoughts in my mind and strength to get up. You allowed my family to rise and I didn’t have any bad news waiting to be delivered. Oh God! I looked up and still had a roof over my head, I had lights, warm water, a few morsels of food in the refrigerator and a few dollars for my son’s lunch. Oh God, thank you! I thank you because I had blessings too numerous to count when it could have been me.

Now Lord, I ask you to bless the person reading this. I don’t know the prayer they’ve been praying but you do. I don’t know the blessing they’ve been asking for but you do. I don’t even know the request they’ve been asking you to fill but you do. Father, I’ll simply ask for you to have your way in their life right now. Father, there is a pastor on the verge of giving up because of the stubbornness of the folk you’ve sent him to oversee, strengthen him to hold on to you so that he can hold out until you move. Some mother is at the end of her cliff and she is tired of crying but she still needs help; give her the courage to let go so that she falls into your grace where her help lies. God, I pray that you hide her in your mercy so that her devotion to you becomes devoted and she finds her way back to you and she never wants for anything again. For that father who is struggling to be the head of his home, give him the endurance to not give up but to press his way through. You made him the head for a reason, show him his purpose. God, we need you! We need you to lift up the bowed down head of those who feel like defeat has won, comfort those whose grief has settled into their spirit, heal those who sickness has taken over their bodies, make a way for those who can’t see their way right now, provide for those who can’t provide for themselves and protect those who can’t protect themselves. I know that you’re able to do it Lord, because I trust in your word that say you’ll never leave nor forsake us. Protect our children. Destroy the spirit of drugs, alcoholism, depression and suicide. Destroy the spirit of senseless killings. Restore minds, increase finances, open up doors and turn that no into yes for your people today. Oh God! This prayer I humbly submit to you on today. Amen

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