Daily Devotional – 12/3/14 “Start at home!”

You know, I find it perplexing; mind boggling actually how folk are so quick to jump on the bandwagon to help others build their house when their own is falling down. I mean, no offense to the tragedy in Ferguson, but we had over 15 killings over the Thanksgiving weekend here in Memphis alone and yet there hasn’t been one protestor out on the street calling for an end to that violence. We have folk who are over the youth ministry in their church and will do anything for those children and their own children are suffering AT HOME. We have an educational system that is failing our children yet all we are concerned about is who is posting what on social media. Why not start a petition to hold the educators accountable for the crap they are feeding our children, knowledge wise. Oh but we have something to say about the lunch menu. Why not protest the mere fact our children are being passed and cannot read. Do you not understand that we perish when there is a lack of knowledge? It isn’t a race thing, it’s a human thing! How can I teach my children if I don’t know and then how can they teach their children and their children’s children? It’ll be a never ending chain. It has to be broken.

Please get this beloved … I have no issue in helping you with your fight but are you willing to help me with mine? It’s alright to go to your neighbor’s home to help them every now and then but you have to make sure your house is straight too. It’s the same with the place you call your church home. You can’t support someone else church more than you support your own and expect God to be happy because of your effort. It’s about your devotion. Stop church hopping and find a church home (that’s in the church covenant). Look around, times have changed and we all need the Lord! There isn’t anything wrong with helping each other out, that’s the Christian thing to do but charity begins at home which means start with you first, then with your home, then your community and then reach out. That’s all I’m saying. You can’t clothe the needy if you’re naked and you can’t feed the hungry with your stomach growling.

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