Daily Devotional – 12/1/14 “Spiritual cleansing!”

A new month and you’re still singing the same sad song. You’re still blaming God for the mess and the stress when baby, the hell you’re going through might just be because of whom you’ve surrounded yourself with. Yea, God sends test but it’s only to test our faith because He will never send anything that will cause us to be suicidal and depressed. Yes, God test us in all areas of our life but it’s only to see if we’ve been studying the lesson He’s been teaching. That sickness you’ve been toiling with, it has nothing to do with you but it’s about the work of God that is being manifested through you. Don’t you get it? Every time you get sick and then bounce back, someone is touched by your testimony. Every time you go in the hospital and come out, someone is helped by your healing. Every time you go down but get up, someone is moved by the miracle. It ain’t about you! The only reason you’re at a point of giving up now is because you’re listening to the enemy who has attached himself to you. He is a spirit you know? Or maybe it’s the person you’re confiding in that’s keeping your spirit down. This is why the bible says in 1 John 4:1 that you cannot believe every spirit that you have to test them by the spirit. Oh but get this, if your spirit ain’t right you’ll get what your spirit summons for. If you have a spirit of confusion, you’ll draw someone with a spirit of confusion. We need to get it together Saints! We need a spiritual cleansing. I’ve said it before, God isn’t pleased with the current conditions in which we live and worship in.

This is why you have to stop attaching to any and everybody because their spirit can sink its claws into you. You have to be mindful of the folk you’re around constantly! But you can’t do it if you aren’t right. This goes for home, work and worship. It’s time for us to tell the enemy to pack his bags and get the hell out. Get yourself together and then walk around your home and bless it with your mouth. (You have the power to cast him out.) Speak life over whatever seems dead in your life and see if God won’t restore it (if it’s for you). Anoint the doors because God says He will bless you coming and going. Pray over everyone in your household and see if God won’t move. Baby, I pray every day for God to use me mightily and every day the enemy amps up his attack to quiet me down but that’s alright because I have faith that God won’t ever leave me alone. And with the way my faith is set up, no matter how many times I draw from it; I’ll never go into the negative. Try your account and you’ll see that you have the same overdraft protection.

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