Daily Devotional – 11/18/14 “Watch the company you keep!”

As a child, it was always taught to us that you watch the company that you keep. I used to wonder why my mom, grandma and granddaddy used to be so adamant about being careful who you considered a friend but as I grew older I understood that you just can’t trust everybody. Now, I’m not writing this as a trust thing but I’m writing this as a spiritual thing because the company you keep can hurt your spirit. How? Well, I’m glad you asked. Being around different spirits allows those different spirits to attach to your spirit and now you’re spiritually different and you don’t even see it. You hang around spirit rudeness and now when you come home your attitude is rude and the entire house has to suffer. You hang around spirit gossip lot and now you’ve started talking and have told some stuff you shouldn’t have and you can’t take it back. You hang around spirit no good and now you’ve gotten caught up in some stuff all because you’ve allowed somebody else spirit to attach to yours. Watch the company you keep. Baby, everybody ain’t company material.

Why do you think companies do job interviews? Everybody doesn’t fit in everywhere. Everybody’s spirits don’t mesh well together. Everybody isn’t company material. This is why you have to watch the company you keep. You may not realize it yet but you will. Look around you. Reevaluate your friends and maybe even some family members. You wonder why your business doesn’t stay your business, watch the company you keep. You wonder why your marriage is suffering, watch the company you keep. Your spiritual life suffering, watch the company you keep. I’ve said this a few times before but someone close to you is probably the one who has their mouth on your blessing. “How she get blessed with that car?” “How she get that job?” Someone in your circle is probably the one praying for you to fail and you keep inviting them to all of the events when God keeps erasing their number from your phone. God has already given the enemy a front row seat to your victory, stop giving them the trophy. Watch the company you keep!

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