Daily Devotional – 11/6/14 “It’s just a storm!”

Why is your head hung down in defeat? Why is it every time we, as Saints, go into a storm we think it’s because we are being punished when the simple truth is every one of us has a stormy season to endure? The same way the weather goes through stormy season is the same way we have to endure them so why do we cry each time we see the clouds roll in? Do you not understand that the same way the storm rolls in; it has to roll out which means it’ll end eventually? Do you not understand that God is there before, during and after your storm? Do you not get the fact that Psalm 34:19-20 says, “The righteous person faces many troubles but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. For the Lord protects the bones of the righteous; not one of them is broken?” That alone is worth shouting over (if you’re righteous)! Yea, see; it doesn’t matter that man will try to hurt you because the word says, they can’t break you. I didn’t make it up, read the verse again. It doesn’t matter how hard folk try, they can’t break the righteous. It doesn’t matter how hard folk push for you to fail, they can’t break you! What are you crying for? Why are you concerned with the naysayers? The only reason you have to worry is if you aren’t as righteous as you say you are.

Yea, we all have faults and shortcomings. We all make our share of mistakes. We all fall, a time or three yet God has given us another chance to make it right. God didn’t expect us to be perfect, why else would He give us repentance but He does expect us to try to live our lives decently and in order. Beloved, you can’t expect to be praying over folk at the altar on Sunday and then preying over them on Facebook on Monday; it doesn’t work like that. You get points for going to bible study on Monday but that doesn’t last if you forget it on Tuesday. All I am saying is this… We all have seasons to go through and some of them will be better than the others but go through them with the faith that God hasn’t left you. Your religion, praise and faith shouldn’t be based on your situation anyway; it should be based on the fact that you have a man in your corner who has already equipped you with everything you need to weather the storm, if you would tap into it. Lift your head and stop being defeated so easily when you have been made God tough. If you were meant to be gone by now, you would be! If you were meant to fail by now, you would have!

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