Daily Devotional – 10/8/14 “You’re usable! “

While at work this morning, sitting at my desk, working I noticed something on my glasses. Now, let me point out; I’d been sitting at my desk for over 30 minutes with my glasses on and hadn’t noticed a thing on them. So, I take them off to clean them and it wouldn’t come off. It literally took me, no lie, almost 20 minutes to clean this sticky mess off of my glasses which left some sort of residue (and I’ve still yet to know where it came from) but oh get this … there’s a lesson or at least a devotional in it. Yep! Because even though it left a blemish on my glasses, they are still usable. You missed that? Let me say it like this. Although whatever it was that caused a mark on my glasses, I can still see through them which makes them usable. Still don’t get it. Let me try it this way. Even though you’ve been hurt and man may have left you battered and bruised, you are still usable to God. Even though you’ve been cast down by the hands of folk who said you wouldn’t be nothing but another statistic, God cleaned you up and used your battle scars to tell your story and now your testimony is allowing you to testify to thousands. Yea, I know you thought that blemish on your skin would cause you to be put in the junk pile but baby God said the junk pile is where He finds His jewels (Yeen know?) You thought that scar would make you ugly, no child, that scar was to make you usable.

Even for you, that person who may have attempted suicide before and you may have to look at the scars every now and then. Don’t look at them as a mistake you made, once upon a time yet look at them as a manifestation of God’s healing that has now taken place in your life and the fact that you made it through. I said this the other day and it’s still true … You can be at the pits of hell and God can snatch you back (and use you) but it’s all dependent on your prayers and the purpose He has on your life – Ask Jonah! (For Jonah 2:2 says, “I called out to the LORD from the midst of affliction directed at me, and he answered me. From the depths of death I cried out for help; and you heard my cry.”) It’s not about the scars you have on your body that makes you usable but it’s your belief, it’s your heart, it’s your faith, it’s your dependability, it’s your hope in yourself … Your scars don’t matter, that blemish don’t matter and that bruise don’t matter because you’re still usable if you allow yourself to be used. Look around, God uses regular folk every day to do His will. He uses me and I was a nobody who He called on one day and I answered, He made me somebody; I was filthy and He cleaned me up; I was torn and He repaired every part of me; I was hurt and He healed me; I was battered and bruised yet He filled this clay jar with His anointing oil and my life has never been the same! It doesn’t matter what folk say, it doesn’t matter how they look at you, it doesn’t even matter what they call you; God still deems you usable. Your scars are just battle wounds to let folk know you’ve been in the war yet you survive which makes you victorious.

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