Daily Devotional – 10/3/14 “Your spiritual mug shot!”

I wonder how some of our mug shots would look if God arrested us for some of the mess we did. No, I’m not talking about this worldly crap we get ourselves into but I’m talking about the Christian stuff we do. Oh, you don’t. Well I wonder, sir pastor, how your mug shot would look if God sent folk in to arrest you for aggravated assault with a weapon (the bible) on Sunday morning when you stand there delivering His word from your flesh intentionally causing bodily harm to His people? I wonder how your mug shot would look, oh deacon, if you got arrested for disorderly conduct for not carrying yourself like you pray about on Sunday morning. I wonder, oh usher, how your mug shot would look if God charged you for being mean on your doorpost instead of helping like you should. What if God charged you, oh choir member, for simple assault, for the intentional harm you thought about doing to the other choir member who sung your “song.” Oh minister of music, what would you look like on your mug shot if God arrested you every time you got mad at pastor for service being long, the song not being song right or the musicians for not doing their part? Oh good pew member, what would your mug shot look like for the numerous charges you would have like loitering because you usually don’t work but you’re always there and inciting a riot because again you don’t work but you cause the most noise.

I just wonder. Please understand, I am in no way perfect because I too have faults that could get me a spiritual mug shot, I’ve failed more times than I can count and I’ve made my share of mistakes but I’m yet learning but get this when I accepted the calling of God, I accepted the calling of God with my whole heart! Will I make some mistakes, yes but I fear God and everything that comes along with Him and I dare not play with this thang. There is no way I will teach God’s word and play with it, I can’t. This is why James 3:1 says, “Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.” Yes, I’ve been in the church all of my life but it wasn’t until recently that I stopped running from what God had for me. Am I a work in progress? Of course and I’d be lying if I said anything differently but while I’m being worked on pardon my dust. I’m still open for business, so just walk around the construction cones. But get this … When you learn better you do better. Don’t, as Christians, keep using the same old excuse; God knows my heart because baby, you’ve been using that excuse for the last 18 years; it ain’t fixed yet? At some point you should have learned something by now or at least your heart should be fixed. Let us all do better. We can, I know it! If we take it an hour at a time, it’ll eventually turn into a day which will then turn into a month and then before you know it, the old things you used to do you won’t even do it or them anymore. Then you won’t even need a spiritual mug shot! Ha! Won’t He do it?

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