Daily Devotional – 9/24/14 “Wild out Wednesday!”

Yes, today is Wild out Wednesday! I don’t mean wild out for the world but I mean wild out for God. Don’t look at your computer, phone or tablet crazy. If the world can wild out for what they believe in why can’t we wild out for God. Isn’t He worthy enough for us to go crazy over? Isn’t God worthy enough for us to give him a crazy praise every now and then? Should we lose our ever loving mind for God like we do for bae nem? Can we, at least for one day, give God a Wild out Wednesday? Just imagine, if you will, how God would feel if you treated Him how you treated some of the material things you valued more than Him. Yea, some of us value our cars more than we value our relationship with God. We won’t even put miles on our car to drive to church put you’ll drive to the car wash. Some of us value our relationships with folk more than our relationship with God because all boo has to say is stay home with me and you crawl back in bed. Some of us value football more than you value God because you’d rather miss the message for the score of the game but who am I too judge. And yet all I’m asking for is one day, today, Wednesday as Wild out Wednesday for God.

A man who stepped out of nowhere and spoke the world into existence and with his voice He commanded the creation of day and night, the Heavens and the Earth, the seas, grass, herbs, seeds, fruit trees, seasons and signs to tell the difference between the day, years and He even spoke the creation of the living animal. This same man created man out of dust and woman from the man’s rib and blew into them breathe of life. God, Alpha and Omega; healer and restorer, hope and grace, faith and joy, light and darkness. God; who holds better than bread because he doesn’t mold, who keeps better than milk because He doesn’t spoil, who offers better coverage than insurance because He doesn’t lapse, who last better than medicine because He doesn’t expire and who is better than healthcare because His rates never go up! Will you wild out for God today? Will you let the world know whose you are on today? Will you show whose team you represent on today by your praise? Or will you wimp out?

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