Daily Devotional – 9/15/14 “Renewed hope!”

I am standing and believing with renewed hope that there is help coming for God’s people. Yes, I believe that help is on the way. See, I witnessed a miracle on Thursday afternoon in room 3 of the emergency room of Methodist University Hospital when one doctor said it was over for my grandmother but God said I am simply showing renewed hope. See, somebody’s hope was fading and it needed to be renewed. I don’t know if it was a member of my family, if it was a member of the hospital staff or even if it was mine but God simply used my grandmother as a way to renew hope to all those who came in contact with her on that afternoon. Yea, here we were rallying around her bedside and she didn’t need us but we surely needed her. From doctors to nurses, from her children to grandchildren, from nieces to nephews, from cousins to friends; she changed lives that day. I may never know but I truly believe that some who didn’t believe in God before that day believe now. Yea, some who may have doubted before no longer doubt the power of the Man who can heal the sick and raise the dead. Those who said there is no such thing as praying power saw it for themselves first hand. God’s power manifested, that means it’s being revealed firsthand for all to see.

You don’t have to take my word for it but take God at His and trust Him. Yes, I know this world we are living in is bad but I trust and believe that God is about to send some renewed hope. I believe that He is going to send us a new covenant like He did in Jeremiah 31:31 and we, His people will have it written into our hearts and live it like we are supposed to. I am standing firm and believing that we as God’s people will get back to being what God will have us to be. With the murders, domestic violence, sickness, diseases, spiritual warfare, wars and everything else that is happening in our world today; we need renewed hope. Just imagine how it could be if each one of us would renew our own individual hope and then collectively get together. Baby, do you know the kind of worship experience we would have on Monday night at bible study, Wednesday night prayer service, Thursday night rehearsal and Sunday morning Sunday School and Worship Service if folk would come in with renewed hope? Can you imagine it? Lives wouldn’t ever be the same because people would actually leave church better than they came! Oh, if you need to know what renewed hope feels like, let me tell you … It feels like fire in your bones burning to get out. It feels like this praise on the inside that you just can’t keep to yourself even though you’ve tried. It feels like hearing your favorite song on Saturday morning and you dance and you don’t care who’s watching. It feels like joy, the kind you can’t explain and when you try it doesn’t come out right. It feels like peace, the kind that you don’t understand and don’t even care too. Renewed hope is my prayer for you! Try it! It’s a wonderful feeling! Romans 15:13, “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”


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