Daily Devotional – 9/8/14 “You’re being tested!”

Don’t you know the enemy sets a test for you to fail every day? Yea, it’s his primary job to make sure you don’t succeed at nothing you set out to do. Yet, here you are! Another morning you’ve gotten up, guess what? YOU PASSED! So let me ask you a question … What are you complaining about? Aren’t you breathing? Isn’t your heart beating which means most, if not all, of your organs are functioning? Didn’t you look up to see a ceiling instead of the sky which meant you aren’t sleeping outside? Aren’t you reading this which means you’re electronically inclined with some sort of device or machine? Didn’t you get out of a bed rather than off of a cardboard box that was laid on a sidewalk? Didn’t you have a refrigerator to open with your choice of food to choose from instead of standing in a line to get the meal of the day? Didn’t you have a closet to open to pick from an array of clothes rather than the same pants and shirt attire that was given to you from the clothes closet? So tell me again what you have to complain about. Yea, I understand; you have some pain but somebody somewhere is burying a loved one who was killed and they didn’t deserve to die. Yea, I understand you got bills to pay but somebody somewhere is homeless and this time last month they were in your shoes. Yea, I know you feel like no one understands but how can they when you won’t tell nobody. Yea, I know I am just somebody telling you again about how good God is but have you tried Him, lately? Have you stop complaining long enough to see just how good you got it? It’s not as bad as you think it is. Stop blaming the world for your problems because the world didn’t create them, you did. Stop blaming momma and daddy, you can break the generational curse. Stop blaming the church, it’s not supposed to change, it’s just a building; the people are.

This is why God’s people have to get back to being God’s people. His word says in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” This scripture begins with the word IF which means a possible situation because it’s possible; if we’re willing to getting back to kingdom business, if we’re willing to get back to bible study, if we’re willing to get back to worshipping the right way, if we’re willing to get back to having the right devotion, if we’re willing to call on the name of Jesus, if we’re willing to fall on the altar the way we should, if we praise the right way, if we sing right, if we love each other right, if God’s people would encourage more, if God’s people would teach more, if God’s would reach more, if God’s people … stop complaining, stop beating each other up, stop using each other and tearing each other down. The enemy has enough people doing that already, we don’t need Christians doing it too. Every day the enemy is testing us and he isn’t doing it because he likes us, he does it because we are blessed and he hates it. I say it like this; the enemy is testing this pimp! Yea, he is testing this person in my position because I am blessed like that! Plain and simple! The enemy is trying to keep you out of your position but stay in place. The enemy is only doing his job, so do yours by staying in your place but you can only do this by knowing your role. Stay prayed up! You passed yesterday’s test and you’ll get through today’s test and then worry about tomorrow’s test tomorrow. You got this!

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