Daily Devotional – 8/26/14 “I’m being remodeled!”

I’m feeling some type of way and I just cannot explain it. I’ve tried to put it into words and I can’t. I’ve tried to understand it spiritually and I can’t. I’ve even tried to understand it naturally and still I can’t. Yet, here am I; feeling all discombobulated, confused and in a fog. I feel like there is something I am missing, something I’m not doing, somewhere I’m not going. I ask; God, what is it? Then He answers, “It’s just me remodeling you.” I say, “But God, I thought I was ok.” He answers, “You were but I got a new position for you and the old you just wouldn’t do.” Then I say, “But God,” He says, “Child, don’t you trust me?” I answer, “Yes, Lord.” He says, “Then trust me.”

So, while I don’t understand the remodeling process I’m currently going through, I trust the one who is doing the remodeling. While I don’t know how long my remodeling process last, I trust the one who is doing the remodeling. See, I look at it like this … I could be broken down during my remodeling phase yet I’m still working (pardon my dust). I could be closed down for repairs during my remodeling process yet I’m still working (excuse the construction). I could be boarded up with an opening soon date yet here am I. Oh, I could be one of the many left unfinished because the contractor ran out of money before the remodel was actually done but baby, do you know who my foreman is? Do you have any idea who is financing my remodel? Do you know who is calling all the shots, making all the decisions? Well, I do and He is my Father and He said it was time for me to be upgraded, time for me to be remodeled because He has some things for me to do and some places for me to go and the old me wouldn’t cut it. Just when I thought I had done enough, He said I needed to be remodeled into something greater. God said, I am about to take you to some places your old self can’t go. Remodeling has to take place. He said, “Take your hand off child, I got this!” Just when I thought I had hell on my back, it wasn’t even the enemy; it was simply me being remodeled for better things! I’m being remodeled to do greater things. What about you?

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