Daily Devotional – 7/28/14 “A fan or a follower!”

If you know me by now then you know that I will pull a devotional topic from anywhere. In doing so, I am so overjoyed that God allows the Holy Spirit to dwell so richly in me so that a generic topic can be anointed filled and deliverable. Yes! Earlier in the day on yesterday I noted in my phone the thought, you can’t lead because you’ve yet to follow and then sitting in our second service at another church, Pastor Hunt of Eternal Peace MB Church, said you are either a fan or a follower. Baby, you know this mind of mine starting turning because I was already envisioning the devotional. See, in using my spiritual imagination I can see Jesus walking through the city and on both sides of the streets crowds have formed and they are screaming His name. Yea, they know of His goodness and they’ve seen His work so they’ve become fans. They’ve even made signs, hats and t-shirts to show their appreciation and they wave and wear them while standing on the side lines. Just like some of us today, we have no intention of stepping into the street because then we’d have to work. Most of us serve God but we do so from the pew of the church, that makes you a fan. Yea, I know you say you have an issue with church folk and you think just because you sit at home on Sunday morning and read your bible that makes it enough but that’s simply makes you a fan. You go to worship service, bible study and prayer meeting but every time you’re asked to work, you find an excuse; you’re a fan. Yes there are some diehard fans who talk a good game but you’re just a fan. You can challenge the best of them when it comes to reciting scriptures but you won’t put them into action. You even question the pastor when you think they are wrong but you won’t go anywhere but your church and anytime someone ask you how you are, you’re always blessed and highly favored yet you have an assigned seat at the church which means you don’t move much; baby you’re just a fan.

Please understand, I am not knocking what has been working for you. All I am asking is when will you put your appreciation for God into action and become a follower? When will you step off the sideline and follow? When will you stop looking out the window, watching the parade go by and get out and follow? You do know that you can’t lead if you’ve yet to get the concept of following right? It’s like this … You’re going to a new place that you’ve never been with your family. Your dad tells you to follow him because he knows the way but along the journey you get tired of driving behind him because you’re anxious to get there and he’s moving too slow so you go around him and speed off saying you got this. See, you thought the GPS you had on your phone would get you there but then the battery died and you forget your charger. You thought you could follow the signs but then you realize when you came to the fork in the road you didn’t know which way to go and now you’re wandering lost. You’re starting to panic and breathing hard because you don’t know what to do. Oh but then here comes your daddy to the rescue, pulling in behind you blinking his lights. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your help has showed up so now you beckon for him to come around so that you can get back in line behind him and when you finally make it to your destiny, I mean your destination; you realize that you made it right on time. Child, there isn’t anything wrong with being a fan but be a fan while you’re following!

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.” Deuteronomy 31:8

2 thoughts on “Daily Devotional – 7/28/14 “A fan or a follower!”

  1. I am sitting here after reading this wondering are you peeping in on my life. I am grateful for the anointing on your life it never fails how you seem to cut some excess unnecessary part away from me and leave me thinking in such a Positive way. I somehow see you as my home girl in my head the one you talk to that gives you the straight up truth which can aggravate you Because you know she is Right . I appreciate you for always being that one I say here comes Ms. Know it All but I walk away Knowing More ,Thinking More and Saying God The Truth Hurts YET IT IS GOOD FOR CORRECTION …

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