Daily Devotional – 7/25/14 “God always has something for you!”

God always has something for you! He has a key for that locked door and rest that keeps you from pacing the floor. He has the solution for your problem and He’ll give you the wisdom to understand how to solve them. He has light for that dark place and He’ll wipe every tear that falls on your face. God is joy for your sorrow and He’s has a plan for your tomorrow. He has the answer to your test and He won’t allow you to fail, if you do your best. He has healing for your pain and strength which won’t let you strain. He has the comfort for what ails you, directions to your destiny, strength to carry every burden and a calling with your name on it. He has new anointing for your ministry that’ll allow it to be revived. He has new mercies for you today that are greater than yesterday’s so that your work will be greater. God always has something for you, if you believe. He has a purpose with your name tied to it, if you trust Him. He has a reason for what you have to go through, just trust Him enough to go through it. He has an intentional reason for sending you there, be obedient and go. He even has a seat waiting for you at the table but you have to get there to get it. God always has something for you! He has something to turn you from a convict to convicted, a liar to a hand layer, a problem to a prayer and a cheater to chosen! Yea! God has something that can turn your mistake into your ministry, your circumstance into your calling, your breakdown into your breakthrough, your tantrum into your testimony and that hell you endured into your healing. The question now is; when will you realize it to actually get it?

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