Daily Devotional – 7/18/18 “Get up!”

It’s gloomy outside and someone’s spirit is as dark as the sky and your head is hanging low like the clouds. Baby, lift your head. Why are you sad when God is your joy? Yea, I get it. Things may not be going like you think it should but things are going. Things may not look like you want them to look but find the blessing in the fact that you’re able to see. You might not have a lot of money in the bank but if the account is still open, you got a little. Stop dwelling on what you don’t have, what you could have or even what you should have because all that is gone and you can’t get it back. Oh but you can start new. Let go of the messiness of yesterday and marinate on the marvelous mercy that has been given by the Master. Leave the tears that you toiled with last night back there, wipe your face with the towel of thanksgiving and trespass into the triumphs of this time. Don’t worry about tomorrow when you’ve been trusted with today. Live today! Get up out of that slump you’re in and stand. Now that you’re standing, smell the Holy Spirit that has you surrounded so that you gain a natural high. Now that you’re high off the Spirit, feed your spirit with humbleness and honor and go forth and handle your business! Yea, you have everything you need to get through whatever it is you’ll face today, all you have to do is get up and do it!

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