Daily Devotional – 7/8/14 “It’s time for a major change!”

Why does it feel like I’m not doing enough for God? It feels like I am missing something that He is trying to get me to see. Has anyone else felt like this? What does it mean? I know I am not perfect by any stretch of my imagination and I don’t always do things right but every day I try to do what is pleasing in God’s eyesight. I don’t live to please man yet I say man please to those who act like I should. I don’t live to conform to this world but I live so that my world conforms to me. I don’t know but I do know that I’m feeling some type of way today. I feel like there is something I should be doing, someone I should be reaching or some place I should be going but I don’t know who, what or where it is. Oh but I will keep praying until God manifest whatever it is to, through or in me.

In the meantime, I won’t dwell in or on negative things. I won’t spend time on ridiculous stuff because I don’t have the time to spend. I mean, can you imagine how much better most of us would be if we didn’t harp on meaningless mess? Yea, we spend more time fussing at the males in the house for leaving the toilet seat up but doesn’t it take just as much effort for them to raise it as it does for us to lower it? When what we should be focused on is the fact they are at home instead of in the streets. We dwell on the fact that the kids won’t clean up but be grateful they’re at home because a mother/father somewhere just buried their only child. You complain when the job says overtime but then complain when they don’t because your check is short. You complain about gas prices yet you won’t take the bus. You complain about the medicine the doctor prescribes but then you keep hollering you’re sick. Baby, start focusing on the good because I can bet it outweighs the bad in your life every time. Don’t think so, well let’s see. You woke up with a headache (bad) but you woke up (good), on the top side of the dirt (good), with a reasonable (that’s better than most) portion of health and strength (good), with the activities of your limbs (good), a regulated mind (good), with everything you had on yesterday (good), with the added blessings of today (good), a fresh anointing (good) and maybe not everything you want but all you need (good). I could continue but you get my point. The time is right now to get it together because we may not have tonight to fix it. We’ve got to stop dwelling on the minor things when we should be making a major change to make a major difference. It’s time now for a major change in everything we do in order to get right and get it right!


2 thoughts on “Daily Devotional – 7/8/14 “It’s time for a major change!”

  1. This is a great time for you in your journey with the Lord. Rather you know it or not you are in a seeking season and the Lord is speaking to your heart. Keep listening and seeking Him and in time all will be revealed

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