Daily Devotional – 6/23/14 “We are losing them!”

We are losing our children and it has got to stop! There is a commercial on the radio that says, the biggest influence our children have is us (parents) yet most times we don’t stop to realize that. No, I am not saying that we are responsible for all of the bad stuff they get into but I am saying that we are an influence. We are losing our children y’all! We are burying them and the sad part about it is; most of them don’t have a church home because most of the parents don’t. And even if the parent(s) are involved in church, you get up and leave the children at home on Sunday because you’ve given them a choice on when to serve God. These young boys and girls are trying to handle relationships when a relationship, some time, is even too hard for an adult to handle. Then you add on peer pressure, drugs, gangs, money and violence! Why has it become an epidemic of parents burying children or visiting them in jail? Why has it become common for young men to pose with guns, money and drugs or for young girls with their skirts up to their butts, tongue hanging out or doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing? Why is it cool for teenagers to become parents? Why are we losing our children? They are dropping out of school, drinking, throwing gang signs, sagging their pants, wearing their dresses shorter and being disrespectful and we, as parents, aren’t saying a thing about because we don’t want to hurt their feelings. You’d rather pay someone to cut your grass when you have teenagers in the house or buy something to eat rather than teach your daughter. When I was growing up, in the summer time we got up when my granddaddy’s feet hit the floor because he had things for us to do and once they were done we could play. We didn’t sit in the house all day because grandma would put you out. Oh, but now it’s too hot for the children to play outside. Chile please! Vacation bible school is empty yet the clubs are overcrowded with kids! They play on their phone all during worship service because we, parents, are too busy playing on ours to say something. We don’t take them to bible study anymore because we aren’t going. We definitely don’t read the bible at home because it’s staying in the car (if we even have one). Lord, help us because we are losing our children! We’ve got to take our children back!

“Father, I come petitioning your throne this morning on behalf of our children. God, right now I am praying that you guide their minds because we are losing them at a rapid rate. God, I ask you to destroy the chains of suicidal thoughts, gangs, drugs, violence, unprotected sex, STDs, rape, molestations, bullying and peer pressure and cast them back into the pits of hell. Bind the attacks satan has sent out to destroy our children. God, I need you to protect their feeble minds and surround them with a hedge of your protection. Cast out any demonic, evil spirit who has attached themselves to our children and remove the enemies who have surrounded them looking like friends and destroy the choke hold that social media has placed around their necks. Oh God I need you to heal those children who are fighting sickness and diseases. God I need you to replace depression with your deliverance, gangs with your grace, violence with your voice, hurt with your Holy Spirit, suicidal thoughts with your sanctification and anger with your anointing. For the child fighting with their sexuality or being abused and hurt by someone who is supposed to love them, I ask that you send help and protection to them now. Then God, I need you to strengthen the mothers and the fathers because even when we think we are winning this battle of raising children we are still losing. For the parent who has buried their child or those making funeral arrangements; comfort them. For the parent who is sitting next to the bed of their child and the doctor says there is no hope and for the parent who has to visit their child in jail; strengthen them. And for the parent who doesn’t know where their child is, for those who child is on drugs, in a gang or even fighting an addiction; I ask God that you send them the hope they need to see them through. Lord, as I stand in the gap today, I ask that you cover our children and parents so that we lose no more! I need you to do these things as I humbly submit this pray in your name. Amen”


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