Daily Devotional – 6/20/14 “Don’t you get it?”

Why do we only praise God when things are going good? Isn’t God worthy of our praise no matter what season we’re in? So many times we take time for granted until we realize there is no more time to grant. We stay shut up in past hurt that we allow time to slip away before we take advantage of it. We stay so bound in our mess that we don’t even see how quickly time is passing right before our eyes. But don’t you know that God still covers you even when you’re covered in filth? Don’t you understand, yet, that God still loves us in spite of us? Don’t you get it! God isn’t concerned about those scars of your past abuse because He says if you give them to Him, He’ll heal them. God isn’t worried about the tear stains on your face because He says if you point that same face towards Heaven, He’ll wipe it clean. God isn’t bothered by the many times your heart has been broken because He says He’ll replace it with a new one if you give Him the old one. God isn’t concerned with the names folk call you because when He calls you everything that was attached to that old name is cast into the sea of forgetfulness. Don’t you get it? God is worthy of our praise and thanks and we shouldn’t wait on Sunday morning to put on a fake show to Him because it’s time now to take off the mask, release whatever demonic spirit that is attached to you and praise God. Don’t you know that you can praise those chains of abuse, that bondage of past mistakes, shackles of angriness and yokes of depression free? Yea, instead of burying all the mess that you’ve held for show long, shout it out so that you can break free from it. Instead of pushing your past into the closet to hide it, tell somebody I was once that yet God has now made me this.

Even in my momentary moments of thinking I’m not good enough, my gift isn’t being used enough or could I be doing more; God calms my spirit and says, girl I got this. When I was a mess, God favored me; when I thought I was nothing, God made me into somebody; when I was in the midst of my sins, God saved me; when I thought I couldn’t go on; God pushed me harder; when I thought my storm would claim my life, God covered me; when I thought I’d drown in my sorrows, God pulled me out and cleaned me up; when I thought my grief would consume me; God comforted me and when I thought my nights of pacing would tear me down; God stepped in and gave me rest. Yea, I may have looked broken to man but to God I looked blessed! (Insert a shout here) Don’t you get it? If God can take me; a tore up from the floor up, raggedy, not fitting to live yet not ready to die sinner, snatch me from the pits of hell, clean me up, give me a new heart and spirit, make my hands and feet look new, a new set of eyes and ears, a new mouth, a brand new body that doesn’t show the scars on my legs from being dragged to hell and back, scars on my back from being used by folks who said they would love me, stepped on by folks who said they’d help me and abused by folk who said they had my best interest at heart; surely He has something greater for me. After all, He did choose me for a purpose! Now, if this isn’t for you, then move out my way while I thank Him now for the next promotion I’ve yet to even apply for, the healing that’s on the way, the deliverance that’s right around the corner, the light at the end of my tunnel, the silver lining in my dark clouds, the debt free status I’ll soon claim, for making my enemies my foot stool, for my books to be in bookstores and churches across many states (I’m claiming this thang!), for the increasing of my gifts that will enlarge my territory, for the healing of my family and friends, for the doors that He is about to open in their lives and for the things I’ve yet to even think of! Yea, I’m even thanking God in advance for the things He has yet to do for you. For the healing of your sickness or disease, your new career, your new home, your new car, your spouse, your deliverance, your debt free status, your new heart, your joy that’s on the way back, for your hope bucket that’s about to be filled, for your tears that’s about to stop, for your spirit that’s about to be renewed, for your regulated mind and for your peace. (And this is for somebody – that new kidney you’re waiting on) I’m thanking him for making your business successful, for enlarging your territory, for increasing your gift and for the anointing He is about to place over your life! (And this is for somebody else – for that ministry you’re being praying for) Oh, I’d better leave this thang alone! Yet, I thank you God right now! I praise you God right now because you are worthy! Don’t you get it? Your praise to God can make all your problems seem petty!

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