Daily Devotional – 6/18/14 “This man y’all!”

There is this man that I met some time ago. Yea, I knew of Him because I was raised in a church that taught me about Him yet I still didn’t know Him. I had heard of Him before but I didn’t know Him for myself until one night at revival when my uncle told me that if I accepted Him, He would always be there for me. Grandma always sung about His amazing grace. Granddaddy always kneeled by his bed at night to pray to Him and momma always talked about how He provided for her when no one else would yet I still only knew what folk said. So, one day I sat down and grabbed the bible to get to know Him for myself and I found that He stepped out of nowhere and spoke the world into existence. With His voice He commanded the creation of day & night, the Heavens & the Earth, the seas, grass, herbs, seeds, fruit trees, seasons and signs to tell the difference between the days & years and He even spoke the creation of the living animal. This same man created man out of dust and woman from the man’s rib. This same man, the bible tells me, created His son Jesus whom He sent to earth to save an old wretch like me who wasn’t fitting to live and yet wasn’t ready to die. This same man gave power to His son to heal folk of bodily ailments, feed folk with a few morsels of bread and 2 fish, part the red sea, remove the burn from fire and shut the jaw of a lion. This same man! Yea, since I’ve gotten to know Him and accept Him into my life, I’ve had the chance to talk to him often and I found that even when I thought I was nothing, He was already molding me into something. Even when I didn’t feel worthy of being called, He had already chosen me. Even when I didn’t think I deserved His mercy He still granted it to me. Even when I felt like I’d let Him down, He told me I was never holding Him up. Even when I couldn’t see my way, He told me to keep walking because I set that path. Oh, this man y’all! This man called God. Do you know him? Have you accepted him? Have you opened the door to let Him in? Yes I know that while you were in the world you had to deal with temptations but now with the acceptance of Christ you got trials too but just hold on! See, with God you’re transformed from worldly temptations to trials because trials are God’s way of testing us and through these tests and trials we are taught talents that allows us to tolerate the torment of those who trespass against us so that we triumph over the trouble and get the treasure that turns tests into testimonies, toiling into teaching and tears into thankfulness.

Even with the hell roaming the streets, killings are rising, people don’t even speak to one another anymore, children dying at the hands of folk who are supposed to love them, husbands & wives aren’t speaking and living in the same house, forgiveness doesn’t exist because hate has replaced it, love doesn’t live in your heart anymore because lust has taken over, grace and mercy aren’t invited to your house because gossip and mess beat them there, friends are being replaced with dressed up enemies and your own family is starting to hate on your blessings but that’s alright because there is this man, God; who can turn the wrong way right, the wrong words into a worship experience, a diagnosis into a dance, pain into praise, stumbling blocks into your shouting area, jealousy into joy, a victim victorious, evil into your elevation, abuse into your anointing, rejection into your reaping, refusals into rejoicing, weakness and weeping into willing workers and pity into passion for picking up and pushing on! Oh, there is a Man who is able if you accept, willing if you want it and capable if you care.

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