Daily Devotional – 6/12/14 “Today has been paid for!”

Why are you still borrowing from yesterday when today has already been paid in full? I don’t understand why you are still minding yesterday’s misery when today’s mercies are new. How can you still be caught up on yesterday’s could haves when you have today’s cans? Quit harping on yesterday’s heartache and handle today’s happiness. Stop wallowing in yesterday’s weariness when you woke up today worthy. Baby, don’t you know if it wasn’t meant for you to see today, you would have died yesterday? Yet here you are today after being touched by God’s finger (whenever you got up), gave you back everything you were blessed with yesterday (notice I said blessed with because He forgave your sins, if you repented) and allowed warm blood to flow through the blood vessels that work into the veins that support the organs that still work in order for the limbs you’re now using to be useable. He even regulated your mind because you could have someone speaking for you but you don’t. You could be in the ICU without any knowledge of being in the world; you could be hook up to machines that are breathing for you, in a jail cell being commanded by someone else, in someone’s courtroom with your fate in man’s hands, on the street begging for change or selling your body for drugs that controls your life. Oh but look at you looking like you’re looking. Folk could see the tears you cried yesterday but instead they see the smile today. Folk could see the hell you endured in your own home yesterday but instead they see the blessing of you being alive today. Yea, folk could see the sickness that had you down yesterday yet all they see is that you’re better today. So again I have to ask, why are you borrowing from yesterday when today is paid in full? God gave you a new day which could have been cloudy like yesterday but instead the sun is shining. God gave you a new day even though it wasn’t promised that you’d see it. God gave you a new day to get it right when you could have died in your sins yesterday. I’m just trying to get you to see that you’re here today.

Psalm 30:5 says, “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime! Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.” Now, if you didn’t catch that it says joy comes WITH the morning but it’s up to you to get it. Stop blaming yesterday when it’s gone never to be seen again when you can get up and get the joy that comes with today!


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