Daily Devotional – 6/11/14 “God did it!”

For I am chosen, even in this mean world, I am royalty; I belong to God which means I can declare His praises, for it was God who called me; it was God who turned my darkness into light; it was God who chose me! Before I was nobody now I am just who God declares I am. Before I had an office of mess but now I have a ministry of God’s mercy. Before I was who man called me but oh when God called my name He called me chosen!

I had to share that again because I never had any intentions on starting a blog, being a devotional writer or even an author but God did. I never had plans to be an encourager to you but God did. Most of the time I don’t even know what I’m going to write about but God does. See, when I write a devotional on this blog for you to read, it’s my release. It’s, for me, the same release a pastor gets when he preaches the sermon on Sunday that he has worked so hard to get just right. Yea, I could write anything but what good is that? I could even not write but again what good would that be? God didn’t have to give me another opportunity today but He did. He didn’t have to let my hands work but He did. He didn’t have to let my mind be structured but He did. He didn’t even have to give me a fresh helping of His anointing but He did. I said all that to say this, God doesn’t have to bless your ungrateful, never good enough, I need a little bit more, why me Jesus, the devil made me do it, God knows my heart, I’ll repent for it later, I got more time, I’ll do it tomorrow; self but He did. He didn’t have to let you get up when you were wallowing in your woe is me pit but He did. He didn’t have to dry those, I’m not good enough, tears but He did. He didn’t even have to change your name from nobody to somebody, change your address from nothing avenue to somewhere boulevard, change your thoughts from can’t to can, body from dying to living and your checking account from red to black but He did. He didn’t have to change your dead end to a highway, cover your feet with mountain climbing shoes, strengthen your shoulders to carry the extra weight, give you the burst you need to go over or around your obstacles nor the courage to stand flat on your feet with your shoulders squared to look the enemy in his face but He did. Yea, God did it because you are royalty, a chosen people! God did it because He made you for this. God did it because He already had plans set for you. God did it and that’s all that matters. Whatever it is you’re facing, toiling with or questioning; God did it so trust Him enough to do it!


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