Daily Devotional – 6/4/14 “True Christians, take your place!”

Everyday news about violence, sickness & diseases, our failing economy, rising healthcare cost and worldly turmoil is on the rise and as people of God, we are losing. Not because God isn’t doing His part but because we aren’t doing ours. Yea, I am aware that church can’t fix everything but shouldn’t everything start at church? I mean, if we as Christians would really root ourselves in Christ, I can only imagine how much better most of us would be. On yesterday I said that our churches are dying and it’s true mainly because we’ve taken away the main focus on what church should be. We spend more time fighting with the pastor than fighting for the pastor. We get so wrapped up in mess that most of us can’t even remember the Sunday message to even share with somebody else. We gossip so much that now folk go to church to find out everybody’s business. Isn’t that a shame? We won’t even be on time for worship and don’t even get me started on Sunday school yet you make it a point to be on time for work or free admission to the club. You give more respect to the boss at your job but not the person God has placed as the shepherd of His flock. You stay until last call for alcohol but get mad when church runs a little long. You can attend happy hour but not bible study. You can get up for a yard sale but not prayer breakfast. Where do our priorities lie? So many of our youth are dying and most of them without a church home but that’s because the parents don’t have one. Children are committing suicide and mass killings yet we claim we don’t understand why but no one thought about that when God was taken out of schools. And still we don’t pray with our children before they leave the house. Folk have found it to be cool to post videos of people fighting each other or of babies cursing but that ain’t cute nowhere. When did we start giving the devil free reign? When did we lose our love for Christ? Where are the true Christians who don’t mind stopping in the middle of a crowded mall to pray for someone? Where are the true Christians who aren’t afraid to post about their love for God rather than their love for man? Where are the true Christians who actually carry a bible to church and take notes? Would all the true Christians please stand up? We’ve got to take our churches back and get our lives together. I’m tired of the churches being empty on Sunday but the concert arenas are packed. I’m tired of bible study being empty but the bars full. And I am sick and tired of our youth filling our cemeteries and jail cells. Our churches are dying because we are allowing them too. All it takes is the effort of Christians to truly love God like we say we do and then work like we know we should. Will true Christians please take your place?


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