Daily Devotional – 5/29/14 “Don’t hang up!”

Yea, I’ve been telling you the last few days about the power in calling on the name of Jesus but please understand this … when you call on Jesus, the enemy hears and it’s his job to make sure you hang up before Jesus answers. You know how it is when you call someone but you hang up after the second ring because you get impatient and don’t want to wait, well it’s the same way when calling Jesus. You get impatient while the call is going through because you expect Jesus to come the minute His name leaves your mouth. Oh but it doesn’t work like that. See, in the midst of your calling, you may have to go through some things. In the midst of Jesus answering, you may have to deal with some folk. Yea, while you’re calling you may be wallowing in your worries, partying in your pity, drowning in your depression, sinking in sin, bound by bankruptcy, maintaining misery, suffering in sickness, accepting addiction, being held by chains of your circumstance, jailed by judgment, neglected because of your name, guided by grief, cast out because you chose Christ, walked over because of God’s word, discarded because you’re devoted and made to feel guilty because you’re using your gift but don’t hang up! Hold on to your faith while you wait on Jesus to answer. Yea, the fights with the enemy get harder but don’t hang up. You may even be fighting in your own home but don’t hang up. Folk on the job may be acting crazy but don’t hang up. Children looking and sounding like strangers but don’t hang up. Bills outweighing your money, don’t hang up. Getting paid and it seems like you’re paying them to work, don’t hang up. No matter what you do it’s never good enough, don’t hang up. Your name stays in someone’s mouth with lies but don’t hang up. See, when you hold on until Jesus answers (like I said on yesterday) things start happening. When you hold until Jesus answers, everything you’ve been through would have been worth it. Sickness would be worth it to get to your healing. Falling would be worth it when you stand back up brand new. Crying would be worth it because it has now washed the dirt from over your spiritual eyes. Lied on is worth it because you’re now lifted. Being talked about is worth it because it’s your testimony now. Don’t hang up because the fighting is getting harder, it just means you’re favored.

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