Daily Devotional – 5/8/14 “Appreciation!”

We all know what appreciation means but another definition describes appreciation as a full understanding of the meaning and importance of something and another says to value something highly. Now, in Lakisha’s logic its simply understanding that what you have has value and then caring enough about it to appreciate it. See, I’ve found that when you appreciate people or things you’ll take care of them. When you value people or things, you’ll make sure they are alright. And even when you’re grateful for people or things you’ll show it. Yea, when you’re appreciative of God, it’ll show in your day to day life. When you truly understand the meaning behind what you’ve been called and chosen to do, you’ll value it more. When you understand that your life is a gift, you’ll live it better. When you appreciate the blessings you’ve been given your gratefulness will show. When you appreciate the money you make on the job you work hard at, you won’t throw it away on meaningless mess. When you appreciate the car you bust your butt to pay for, you’ll take care of it. When you value that house you’ve got to pay the mortgage on for 30 years, it’ll show in how you maintain it. When you appreciate the relationship that has been built over the years you’ve shared, it’ll show in its longevity. When you appreciate your journey, you’ll value the road taken. When you appreciate the tests you’ve been through, you’ll value your testimony. When you appreciate the problems you’ve overcome, you’ll value your praise.

All I’m saying is… Appreciate the mistakes you made but don’t dwell on them. Appreciate the obstacles you’ve stumbled over but don’t stay there. Appreciate the valleys you’ve had to get through but don’t tarry there. That sickness, addiction and abuse was allowed to raise your value because now you’re worth more. That hell you’ve been through was simply your proclamation of praise so appreciate it, value it and be grateful because you’ve been chosen for this and your purpose outweighs any problem.

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