Daily Devotional – 4/24/14 “Ignite the fire!”

It’s amazing that you can read the bible for yourself, recite a few scriptures from your remembrance and call off a few of God’s commandments but you’ve yet to catch on fire for God. Yea, you’ve heard about the woman with the issue of blood who was healed, Job who lost everything but got it all back, the 3 Hebrew boys who were placed in the fire but didn’t get burned, Jonah who was in the belly of the whale but survived, the blind mind who received his sight, the child who was vexed with a devil but Jesus cast him out, etc., yet you’ve yet to get excited about the possibilities of the things God can do. Oh, that’s not enough? Well, let me bring it closer to home; God woke your ungrateful self up one more morning when you could have died in your sleep and gave you a reasonable portion of health and strength. If you look around, you’ll see that He gave you everything back you had on yesterday and you probably didn’t even thank Him for it. God bought you out of one more night of sin and has given you the ability to repent for them and you still won’t get excited. Yea, you might have sickness in your body, mind wandering, worrying about stuff, relationships won’t last and friends and family act funny yet you’re alive. You might not like the job you have but you got one. You might be tired of the house you live in or the car you drive but you got one. Oh, I just wish you’d get excited about the fact that God can and will do everything He promised. Yea, you got the facts about what He can do but you’ve yet to get on fire.

Didn’t God let you rest last night, allow your family to rise this morning and didn’t He give you the ability to drive to your destination? He healed your body of the pain that had you tossing and turning yet you won’t praise Him. He allowed your marriage to go from failing to favorable yet you won’t fellowship with Him. He blessed you with a car with that credit you got when you should have been walking yet you won’t worship with Him. Baby, if you’re wondering why God hasn’t shown up in your life; you may want to look at your praise. See, God inhabits the praise of His people which means if you aren’t praising Him, He has no place to reside. No, praise doesn’t mean you have to jump, dance, shout and scream but praise can simply be you thanking Him in the midst of your day, praying to Him while you’re driving in the car, singing about Him when you’re in the shower or calling out to Him while you’re lying in your bed. Yea, I know you have the facts about the Father but when will you light the fire? That kind of fire that makes you cry when everything is going right, dance without caring whose watching, laugh when folks say you should be sad or feel like running when no one is chasing you. Why won’t you ignite it every now and then? Yes, you have it because the bible says in Luke 3:16, “I baptize you with water, but He who is mightier than I is coming, the strap of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” The fire is there, you just need to add some fuel to it!

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