Daily Devotional – 4/4/14 “A purpose for your position!”

Yea, it may be hard out here for a person in my position but what other position is there left to play but mine? See, I’ve come to realize that when I try to play someone else position, I mess up. When I veer over into someone else lane, I may just cause an accident. When I’m in someone else business, I can’t tend to mine so I’d better stay in the position I’m in. Ok, so someone makes their position looks better but what happens when the folks who are glorifying them are gone, the lights are on and the shade has been pulled back, now what do you see? People have a tendency, now days, to make even dirt look like grass so how do you know who they truly are? This is why you need to find your position and play it. Of course it’s hard, it usually is when you’re working for something you want but push through it. Why? Well because like I said on yesterday, there is a purpose for the position you’re in. That sickness isn’t really about you but God needed someone around you to know that He is a healer. That foreclosure you’re going through isn’t about you but God needed someone, maybe in your family, to see that He is a provider. That addiction you had to overcome wasn’t about you but it’s about that person who thinks they can’t overcome theirs. Your marriage that you fought so hard to make work wasn’t about you but it’s about the younger generation that’s coming up behind you in order for them to see that what God ordains, He maintains. That battle you walked away from wasn’t about you but it was about the naysayers that God has to shush to let them see His work when you still came out victorious. So you see there is a purpose for the position you’ve been placed in. Now if you would only learn your position and play it! Stop worrying about the mistakes you’ve made because you will make a few more; learn from them so that you don’t repeat them. Stop worrying about whose watching; give them a show because even Jesus had haters. Stop doing things to get the glory from folk because when judgment comes they can’t speak on your behalf anyway. Yes, God yes, it’s hard out here for people in most positions but know that there is a purpose in whatever position you’ve found yourself in. Learn the position and play your role! Your position, your purpose!

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