Daily Devotional – 3/25/14 “Check your circle!”

Yea, take a good look at the people you’ve surrounded yourself with. See, I’ve come to realize that if I surround myself with folk who have been anointed by God, then surely some of their anointing may just rub off on me. Yea, if I stand close enough to someone whose cup is running over from God’s favor then just maybe that time when mine is running low, I can catch some of that which has spilled into their saucer. No, this doesn’t mean I don’t have my own favor or anointing but sometimes my spirit can get low and needs refilling. Sometimes even I need encouragement. Sometimes even I need prayer and who better than to give me the nudge I need other than someone who is like minded. I don’t know why God is leading me this way but someone is dealing with some things and although you are surrounded by folk you feel alone and that maybe because you haven’t surrounded yourself with the right people. See, someone who is spiritual minded, like you, will be able to sense when you aren’t yourself and they’ll even come and stand next to you just to be your leaning post and you didn’t even have to ask. Spiritual minded folk, who hang together, has each other’s back and won’t judge you when you want to go out dancing because they’ll go with you to the club and church. Spiritual minded folk won’t judge you when you make a mistake but they’ll grab your hand and say let’s pray about it. Spiritual minded folk won’t help you fight your problem but they’ll help you figure out a way to resolve it. Spiritual minded folk won’t help you worry but they’ll say let’s pray to God first and He’ll work it out. Check your circle! Please understand, your circle includes your family and your friends because if your family can’t get with your spiritual walk, walk away from them. Yea, even Jesus lost a few folk along the way who couldn’t keep up and sometimes you have to unhook those who are feeding off of you yet can’t give you anything before they suck you dry. Oh and for those of you who think you can do this spiritual thang alone, you need to read Ecclesiastes 4:9, which say, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.”

All I’m saying is you may want to put your spiritual eyes on and check your circle because the one person who claims to be for you is the one secretly putting the knife in your back. The one who say they are praying for your healing probably can’t even get a prayer through and the one who is the happiest for your elevation is probably the one who was the one trying to knock you down on the way up. Not everybody you start with can finish with you so check your circle!

2 thoughts on “Daily Devotional – 3/25/14 “Check your circle!”

  1. Well said… i think u took a peek but i thank GOD for your peek Kisha, GOD Bless you!!!

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