Daily Devotional – 3/17/14 “God’s plan always work!”

Over the weekend, I was a part of a book festival in Miami with a few of the authors under the publishing company I am a part of. Now, I had everything planned out and was ready to go and enjoy FL and the time with my sister but let me tell you the difference in my plan and God’s plan. My plan: Catch the Megabus 11:30pm Thursday night, make it to Atlanta at 8:30am to catch our flight to Fort Lauderdale at 10:15am to relax and enjoy FL until the Jazz Festival on Saturday where I would be working our vendor booth. Then catch a flight out of Fort Lauderdale on Saturday night at 9:30pm, make it to Atlanta at 11:30pm, check into our hotel room, eat and chill. The next morning, eat breakfast and whatever else until our bus ride back home at 1:30pm which gets us back home at 8:30pm on Sunday night. (I had it all worked out.)

Oh but here’s God’s plan: We made it to the bus station at 10:30pm only to leave at 1:45am because the bus never came. Our husbands decided to drive us the 5 ½ hours to Atlanta to make our flight. On the road making good time until we forgot about Atlanta being on Eastern Time which meant we were an hour behind. We make it to the airport where I had to check a box of books at the last minute (which wouldn’t get to FL until Saturday morning) only to find out we had 15 minutes to get to the gate. Well, we didn’t make it. The young lady said, I can put you all on standby for the next flight at 6:59pm but it’s already full which means you probably won’t make it so you will be pushed to the next one on Saturday morning at 6:15am. (Oh but catch this) I wrote a status on Facebook at 10:39am that said there’s a teaching moment in everything God puts us through and I just hope we learn whatever it is He would have us to get out of all this. Well, at about 3pm we went to get coffee. We make it back to the gate area when this older Indian lady maybe in her 60s or 70s walks up and she keeps watching us. Even with the area being mostly empty she sat down next to us. Then she begins to talk. She was from India (her husband had died a few months ago) and was in Atlanta visiting her son to stay a week. Well, the night before her son gets angry because the house he stays in is in both their names and he wants her to sign everything she has in her name to his (even her business and home in India) and when she wouldn’t, he became angry and broke her phone and even put a hole in the wall of the house. To make a long story short, she changed her flight to leave which cost her $300. She also had 2 big bags that cost her $70 to check and they were so heavy, they cut her hand. Oh, he wouldn’t give her the money nor drive her to the airport but she had some old friends who took care of it. (She had been in the airport since 11 and her flight didn’t leave until 5:30). She wanted some tea but didn’t want to bother us but of course we didn’t listen because we got her tea and snacks because she was a diabetic. She was headed to spend some time with her brother in TX until her flight back to India. She hugged my sister and I for the longest time before boarding her plane and my heart was breaking for her to have to endure this. After she left we sat there wanting to cry and at that moment it didn’t matter if we made the flight because this was what we had to go through. We had already cancelled our hotel and rental car in FL and were planning to spend the night in ATL yet after the plane to FL started boarding, the attendant called our name and handed us our boarding passes as if we had already been confirmed on the flight. Baby, if we didn’t almost shout in that place! See, God had a purpose for us to be in that spot at that time and had we not trusted in Him, we would have missed it! God plans ALWAYS work and it was His plan for us to be there at that exact moment because although we didn’t know this lady needed us, God did!

“Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings, that you may also rejoice and be glad when his glory is revealed. 1 Peter 4:12-13”

3 thoughts on “Daily Devotional – 3/17/14 “God’s plan always work!”

  1. Ooh you just really touched my heart with this one, not that you dont always, because you do u always have and u send words of Encouragement, Strength, and Power. But this one ………”if i cant say a word Ill juz wave my hand”, one of those moments, thank you, GOD Bless U and yours..U are surely Heavenly Sent

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