Daily Devotional – 3/10/14 “It’s just a rehearsal!”

After I finally got back to my desk this morning following a fire drill at work, only for it to be a false alarm, I realized that many of the things we go through, in this life, are simply just a rehearsal preparing us for the real thing. Yea, that job you have now, it’s just a rehearsal preparing you for the career that’s on the way. Those few bad relationships you’ve had, they were only rehearsals preparing you for the marriage that God is binding together that has yet to be seen. That sickness that’s attacking your body, it’s just a rehearsal preparing you for the glory of God that’s about to be manifested in your healing that will be shown during your testimony. Yea, it’s just a rehearsal. Now, get this; a rehearsal is defined as a session or series of sessions in which something that is to be done later, especially a public performance, is practiced. So, in Lakisha’s logic of thinking, it breaks down like this. All the hell you’ve gone through behind closed doors was just a rehearsal preparing you to reveal God’s handiwork that is the miracle of your life that has now been restored to even greater than man could have ever thought. Yea, all the names you’ve been called, the lies that have been told, the whispers that said you’ve never be nothing, the knock down seconds, the giving up minutes, throwing in the towel hours, weeks of being without and months of living barely making ends meets were simply rehearsals preparing you for this time, the grand show that is the blessing you’re now reaping of everything you lost that has now been given back to you in a way that even blows your own mind. Therefore, when you have to go through the test more than once and when you have to bare the same storm again, it’s just a rehearsal. So, don’t give up now and don’t quit yet but pay attention because it’s just a rehearsal and God is watching and giving you everything you need to perfect your performance for when the real thing comes.


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